If you are like anyone I’ve ever known, you will face periods when, frankly, your life feels stale, stuck, stagnant, and boring. And if you’re really honest with yourself, for some reason, you seem to have lost your zest for life. What’s that all about anyway?

In all honesty, you probably aren’t really at a complete standstill. But I’m not negating the fact that it may feel that way. And frankly, my dear, that sucks. Trust me, I know exactly how it feels. Especially if you’re experiencing a period when it feels like you aren’t reaching your potential. Feeling stuck in our lives is uncomfortable.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of shame, blame, and worry when we’re not progressing. But we aren’t regressing, either. At least if you backslide into old (bad) habits, you kind of know  what to do to turn it around and become a little happier. Idling through life can make us feel a little numb, though. We just sort of stay in this limbo-like position.

And, darling, no one likes limbo.

The thing about limbo is that we often find ourselves looking at our “old life” and the lives of others and feel as if our life is OH so boring. What happened to knowing how to have fun? Where did your zest for life go? And WHY, oh, why, do you feel like your life is stagnant.

The good thing, however, is that we can get out of limbo and back to where we belong. It’s not exactly the simplest process, but it can be done. Some little tasks you’ll do will simply be in your own head; others might need to take a little more physical endeavor – that’s not a problem, though, the whole point is to get the wheels spinning again!

Here are five simple ways to reignite your zest for life when you’re feeling stuck and boring.

One – Awareness and Acceptance is Your Friend 

If you’ve realized that you need to do something in order to reignite your zest for life, then, my dear, you are part way there. What’s next, though, can feel almost as challenging: accepting that your life is kind of at a standstill.

Once you accept that your life is stalled, then you’re in a position of power. And the power is that you’ve made the decision to move out of limbo. Because even though I believe there’s value in the periods of life when you’re in a lull, pairing your awareness with acceptance allows you to take action. ANY action. In fact, just reading through these ways to feel unstuck is helpful.

Two – Recognizing You Aren’t Alone is Helpful

Do you think that you’re literally the only person on the planet that is struggling with this motionlessness? You’re not. You’re probably not even the only in a five block radius to feel as if their life is in limbo. And while I don’t believe that comparing yourself to others is helpful, I do know that there is comfort when you realize you aren’t alone in how you feel.

Feeling comforted in not being alone also gives you the push you might just need to make some changes.  Because without taking action of some sort, you’ll never feel as if you have a zest for life.

Three – Talk to Someone You Trust 

Now that you’ve accepted that you’re just in a phase of limbo. And you have found a little comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in how you feel. The next step in moving out of limbo is to get some help. Yes, I know that not very many of us like to admit we might need some help.

However, even if you are a big-time introvert, sharing how you feel with someone you trust can help move you forward. There’s some kind of magical alchemy at work when you speak your truth out loud. It reminds you that even if you feel impotent in your own life, you do have a deeper well of strength and power.

Remember to choose someone to talk to that feels safe to be vulnerable with. This is why it’s sometimes good to reach out to a coach or counselor. Especially if you’re looking for concrete ideas on how to kindle that flame you are seeking to get your zest for life back.

Four – Ignite Your Zest for Life by Taking a Class

Sometimes, in order to feel unstuck and less boring, you need to learn something new. While going back for your Masters may be the trick to moving forward, it doesn’t have to be that complicated, either. There are so many resources out there that allow adults to learn something new.

Whether it’s learning a new skill or just gaining knowledge in a subject you’re interested in, it’s out there! Look to a local college, school, or resource center for a class you can take. And of course, a quick look on the internet will show you loads of opportunities. Expanding your mind is a way to tend your soul. And that, my dear, will lead you away from feeling like you’re boring.

Five – Examine Your Daily Routine and Shake Things Up

You know that I believe that in order to love your life you must love your everyday life. And that honestly demands that, when you feel stale, stuck, boring, and stagnant, that you look at your daily habits and actions. Because sometimes, changing something small you do every day is the key to rediscovering your zest for life.

Though it can sound appealing to move to Paris, shaking things up doesn’t have to be drastic. Rather, look to the smallest details of your daily life and look for creative ways to infuse the moments with joy. Maybe it’s as simple as changing your showering or make-up routine. Perhaps a new route to work can get your mind spinning in a good way.  Or taking a walk in the park at lunchtime rather than eating at your desk.

What if you left for work early? And rather than going through the drive-thru at Starbucks, you went inside and sat at a table while you sipped your morning brew. You could write in a journal or simply watch the people.

While these suggestions sound overly simplistic, you might be pleasantly surprised how shifting something you do everyday makes you feel better.

Darling, no matter how long you’ve been in limbo, you can recapture your zest for life.

The smallest of actions, my dear, is how you move forward. Because these small actions build upon one another.

Need more ideas on how to recapture your zest for life and love it once again? 

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