Unwinding and relaxing shouldn’t require a “how-to,” but in the modern world, it’s easy to tune out the instinct to get some rest when needed. We’ve got you if you’ve been caught in a restless spiral. Here’s how to unwind and get more rest.

One – Schedule Your Downtime

You’re already good at scheduling your work and other responsibilities. As such, you want to apply the same skill to your downtime—pencil in when you can rest and recharge in your calendar. If you don’t schedule your “me time,” you might not get to it. Doing so may even prevent holiday burnout.

View time to yourself as important as your work deadlines. Stick to your schedule, prioritize self-care, and get that memory foam mattress for yourself. Sometimes, the only way to unwind and get more rest is to plan for those things.

Two – Celebrate The Time You Have

If you feel discouraged about having limited time for resting and unwinding, you probably won’t enjoy it that much. Instead of pouting about it, make the most of your available time and celebrate it. Even if you only have five minutes to step outside before a conference, embrace those five minutes with all you’ve got to reduce stress. When you look at relaxation as an opportunity, you can get more out of it and ensure better rest.

Three – Don’t Let Your Mind Get In The Way

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a relaxing space while working. If you can tune into that constant, stress-free, loving part of yourself, you can tune out your mental chatter and focus on the task at hand with less stress.

In this subtle way, you can unwind and relax right where you are. Visualization and intuition are not as amazing as lounging by the beach, but they are tools you can utilize when you’re feeling drained.

Learning to unwind and get more rest is about creating opportunities to relax even when your time is limited. Don’t live in your head and stress out; instead, take an intuitive stance to get the rest you need.

Four – Take Your Time

Unwinding is not only about catching up on sleep and restoring your energy; it’s also about slowing down. Sometimes, the shift from the daily grind to taking your time can be enough to feel rejuvenated. Whenever you can, try to practice mindfulness and slow down.

You might notice that you feel calmer and can still be the productive person you want to be. When we live in a rush, we elevate our stress. Unwind and get more rest by changing how you do things. In other words, take your time.

Five – Keep Your Goals Practical

If you take on what feels doable each day, you’ll need less time to unwind and will get more rest. By preserving your energy, you can naturally relax and rest because you won’t have so much on your plate.

Try to delegate your tasks as much as possible when you need a helping hand, and get comfortable saying “no” more often. There is no benefit in people pleasing, and you only suffer as a result.

The Bottom Line

To unwind and get more rest, prioritize the time you have and make the most of the time you don’t. Look forward to the breaks ahead and utilize mindfulness and a slower pace to make those difficult moments easier to manage. There is a resting place inside of you that you can look to at any time for rest and guidance. Use your intuition to unwind and get more rest when you can’t schedule time for self-care.

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