Empathy is a beautiful trait to possess – it helps you see beyond the obvious and understand people and situations better. Which, in turn, allows you to provide a helping hand to others as well. And we all know how helping others does good for us as well as the person/ people we help! So if you’re looking to extend a helping hand to your community, and make a difference to other’s lives, which in turn will enrich your own life, here are some ideas.

One – Caregiving for the Elderly

As you probably know, aging can be challenging. You expect physical challenges which may require care such as physical therapy. Or walking aids such as walkers or canes. Even loneliness is becoming an epidemic for the elderly population. Especially this year. Working with the elderly population is a great way to make a difference to someone. And it ripples out to their extended family.

There’s also the more disheartening problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Investing in a Memory Care Franchise allows you to provide a safe, loving and caring environment for those suffering from those issues. Memory Care communities also provide a set-up that helps their residents to enhance their memory functions thus enabling them to be more independent.

Two – Make a Difference by Fostering a Child

This is a big step and must be thought out properly due to the time and financial resources it requires. But if your heart is set out to do it then fostering a child can be one of the best things you would do in your life. Every child deserves to feel loved and foster families go a long way to helping.  If  you can provide this for a child, it will make you feel fulfilled and complete in so many ways.

Three – Become A Community Volunteer

If you have a couple of free hours a week, or some time to spare on the weekend, try volunteering at a local community group. Your choices are endless. You can volunteer through you local library to read to children. There are also many organizations that better your neighborhood such as parks and such. There is no dearth of choices to how you can extend a helping hand to your community and the feel-good factor is the best benefit for you!

Four – Caregiving as a Career

If you are naturally inclined to care for others, and feel fulfilled in doing so, make it into a career. There is always a need for caregivers for various roles, from children suffering from mental challenges to elderly who need help with assisted living. It’s a great way to make a difference. The best part is you can even do this part-time according to shifts, so you don’t necessarily need to quit your main job. And you don’t always need professional training as many companies provide mentorship and training on the job. All you need is compassion and a willingness to help.

It is said that ‘sharing is caring’, and there is no better joy and fulfillment experienced than when you share your love and resources.

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