No matter who you are, it’s not a wild guess to say that you probably want to reduce stress levels in your life. Because when you’re stressed, it’s hard to enjoy your daily world let alone get more out of your daily life. And the thing is, I know you want more from life to feel as if you’re simply existing.

I’ll be honest with you, sugarplum, that’s what stress does to us humans. We believe the path to redemption is productivity, being busy, and doing more. But I’m going to be honest with you: the hustle culture usually leads to unhappiness, anxiety, and additional stress and worries.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe it’s important to set goals and actively pursue them. However, you need to approach life in a way that is more mindful and less busy. Otherwise, those desires of yours will never come to fruition. And you’ll constantly be sucked into wondering why you can’t get more out of life.

Here’s four seemingly simple (yet powerful) ways to reduce stress and get more out of your daily life.

One – If You Want to Reduce Stress Remember that Life Isn’t a Competition

The first thing you should try and do is stop thinking about what other people are doing. To be you and fulfill your dreams, you have to switch off social media and concentrate on your life and your desires.

What is important in your life? The world of everyone else can have the habit of confusing you and making you depressed. Instead of developing yourself, you start trying to compete with other people. This is not conducive to a happy mindset of a positive lifestyle. Who cares if someone else makes more money than you? What does it matter? As long as you are doing what you want and living your life, your way. Only you have to power to make you feel inferior. It may be an idea to meditate as doing this may help you put things in to focus and bring out a better perspective.

Two – If You Want to Get More Out of Life Learn Something New

If there’s one thing I know about loving your life, being curious will take you far. So one of the things I’ve discovered is that you can get more out of life by committing to continuing to learn new things. Absorbing yourself in the pursuit of knowledge will make you feel as if you are achieving something. So follow that thread of curiosity from Greek Mythology to how perfume is made.

If learning something frivolous seems like a waste of time to your brain, you could use your thirst for knowledge to enhance your career. Or even make a career change. For example, have you ever wanted to be a physical therapist. Do you know there is a flexible program for getting a doctor of physical therapy degree? You can do a mixture of online learning and practical. That can go for anything you have a desire to study these days.

Three – Choosing to Be Present Allows You To Get More Out of Your Daily Life

We get so hung up on the end result that it’s easy lose sight of the fact that the juice of loving our life and being happy is in the process. Researchers from Harvard found in their research on happiness , that our mind’s inability to be present actually causes us to be unhappy. So, if you want to get more out of your life and feel less stressed, try to be present .

Yes, I know it can be difficult at first. When I struggle with being present, I turn to my senses. Savor the taste of that orange and allow yourself to really enjoy the sunset. Close your eyes and really breathe in the aromas of that meal you’re preparing.  Life is a procession of moment after moment. And if you spend all your time worrying about the future, you will end up never really having lived.

Four – Manage Stress by Making Movement Part of Your Daily Life

I know that it’s less than appealing to get out for a walk when the weather is cold, but, darling, your body was designed for movement. No, you don’t have to go a gym or buy one of those fancy Peloton Bike bikes to get some exercise. All you need is a good attitude and to bundle up.

When you make movement a part of your life, you will feel less stressed and there is nothing that can be thrown at you that you cannot deal with.

Darling, life doesn’t have to be one of surviving one stressful moment to the next.

You have a choice. Each and every moment is a choice. Life is not hopeless. Life is not about survival. You can create a daily life that is nurturing and fulfilling by choosing to reduce your stress in the simplest of ways. You can get more out of life and feel excited to wake and dive into your day.

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