Is your glass half empty, or half full? We all know people who fall into one of those two categories. Being able to maintain a positive frame of mind isn’t easy but the benefits of being able to are huge.

In today’s world, it might seem difficult to stay upbeat and positive.  After all, it seems as though the bad news is coming at us from every angle these days.  It can be easy to end up in a spiral of negative thought that affects every aspect of your life.

As you get older, it can be even more difficult to maintain a positive frame of mind. After all, you have a lot more life experience and know more about the world. But if you really think about it? That’s also the exact reason you can remember the good experiences, not just the bad.

There are real-world benefits of positive thinking.

Some people are quite skeptical about the power of positive thinking.  This is usually due to a misconception that it somehow means that you’re being naive or failing to fully understand a situation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Positivity isn’t about avoiding dealing with negative situations or burying your head in the sand. It’s about training your mind not to see the worst in every situation or dwell on negative emotions.

Positivity and other ‘soft skills’ are becoming more and more important in today’s world, both in our social life and careers. There even online courses available at places like Kettering University, that teach these kinds of skills.

A positive frame of mind can improve your general outlook and mood, give you more energy, improve your performance at work and your family relationships.

Physical benefits of positive thinking.

There is a direct connection between those people with a more positive outlook and physical health. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive people enjoy:

    • Decreased rates of depression
    • Fewer instances of colds and general infections
    • Better cardiovascular health
    • Improved stress coping mechanisms
    • Longer life spans

The exact reasons that positive people have better physical health are not exactly known. But it is thought to be because their immune systems are stronger due to their ability to better manage stress. Pessimistic people are also more likely to burn out. And have unhealthier lifestyles that can impact their overall health. This makes them more likely to suffer from lifestyle-related diseases including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

How To Teach Yourself To Think Positively

Reacting positively to every situation isn’t easy. And you might not feel like you’re wired that way.  Even if you’re a naturally negative person, you can still teach yourself to recognize pessimistic thought patterns and turn them into something more productive.

Start your day in a positive way

A good morning sets you up for a good day. Start your day on time, with a confident plan about what you want to do and achieve. Tell yourself it’s going to be a good day.

Focus on the positive things throughout the day

We tend to dwell on the things that have gone wrong. If you find yourself doing this, shift your focus onto something that has gone well, or that you are thankful for.  It can be a small thing, such as enjoying a nice cup of coffee on your break or firing off a catch-up message to a friend or family member.

Surround yourself with positive people

Enthusiasm is contagious.  That’s why surrounding yourself with positive people is a great way to lift your spirits. And instill a sense of confidence in yourself. At the very least, try and avoid too much contact with those people who are extremely pessimistic. Those people are energy vampires that not just drain you. They also reinforce any negative thought patterns that you already have.

By following these tips consistently, you can make amazing changes to your mindset and health, for life.

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