If you want to love your life, it’s important that you learn how to spend time alone. Even if you’re in the healthiest of relationships, learning to enjoy your alone time allows you to be a better person in all of your relationships. That’s because the common denominator in all your relationships is YOU.

When you learn how to thrive a alone. And appreciate your alone time, you will blossom. If it feels challenging to you, then you need to practice. I began doing this by taking myself on various solo dates.

A date? Yes, a date. You know, you don’t have to wait around for somebody to take you on a date. Because taking yourself on a date is one of the best ways to get to know yourself, your likes and dislikes, and become your own best friend. When you can honestly say you’re your own best friend, you don’t have to rely on anybody else!

Here are three of my favorite solo dates to practice being alone and enjoy yourself.

One – Going Out to Lunch Alone is a Good Learning Experience

My first foray into learning to enjoy being alone was going out to lunch. I first began doing it when I was a new mom. And over time, it became one of my favorite ways to connect with myself.

So, if you know that you aren’t very good at being alone, go to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. You can order exactly what you want and you don’t have to share your food with anyone else.  If you’re worried somebody might invite themselves to talk or sit with you, take a book so you look less approachable.

Also, do your best to not numb with your phone. Simply sit and enjoy your meal.

Two – Take Yourself to a Movie

Another great place to practice being alone is at the movie theater. Yes, I know it’s often the place for a romantic date. Or a girl’s night out. However, going to a movie alone can be especially pleasurable.

In addition to choosing a movie that you want to see without any compromises with others, you get to keep all your snacks to yourself! So, go ahead and order not just popcorn, but grab some of those milk duds, too.

Three –  Consider Going to a Live Show Alone

If you’re fortunate enough to live near Broadway or other live show venues, consider going to a live show. That’s because live shows can be even more exhilarating than solo movie dates.

It’s super easy to pick the one you want to see using the infographic below, too. Take a look and book your tickets now!

Want to learn out to be alone? Go to a Broadway Show
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