Whether you’re heading back into the job market after staying home with your kiddos. Looking to re-enter the job market after a divorce. Or simply ready to reinvent yourself by changing jobs (or careers) after ages at your current position, the odds are, things have changed since you last looked for a job. The first thing to look at: your resume and/or CV. That’s because your resume will make a first impression on everyone who sees it.

That’s one of the things about navigating life’s stages with grace. If you want to be happy no matter what stage of life you’re in, your career choices matter. And, the odds are, the expectations of employers will have changed since you last looked for a job. Yes, my dear, this is the case even if you’re settled into your career for decades.

And, especially if you’re looking to reinvent yourself. That’s why, after chatting with several clients about shifting into the next stage of life? One of the common discussions was a new career path. And I wanted to talk about creating a modern resume that stands out for all the right reasons. Rather than the wrong ones. Here’s three things you should scrutinize before you send that resume of yours out.

First you may be asking what the difference is between a CV and a Resume.

A resume is typically tailored for each specific job you apply to and includes a brief summary of your skills and experiences. A CV is a longer and more detailed account of career and academic achievements usually in chronological order. Look to the industry you want to enter, of course, to know which you need a resume or CV.  Everything we’re talking about here can apply to both a resume or CV.

One – Scrutinize the Content of Your Resume or CV

You don’t need to be a professional writer to make a good resume or CV. But it certainly helps if you put some time into the content you create for it. At the very least, this should be free from grammar and spelling mistakes, but you can use a tool called Grammarly to solve this for you, making it much easier to keep your content professional.

Along with this, though, it also pays to make the content you write interesting. There are a number of rules which can be followed to make writing easier to read, though it also makes sense to include a range of uncommon words to avoid repetition and boredom.

Two – Create a Modern Design and Style for Your Resume

It’s tempting to go back to an old copy of your resume and just update it. But, even if you were looking at a job change five years ago, things have changed. But consider this: employers tend to have to look through near countless numbers of CVs before they get to the bottom of the list, and they can easily get bored during this time. As they pay less attention to their work they’re doing, having a resume that stands out will become more important, and the design of this document is the first element of this which an employer will see.

You can find a resume template examples across the web, giving you access to a host of different resources which will make it far easier to put together something which looks great. It’s worth being careful to ensure that you aren’t going over the top with this.

Three – Make Your Resume Standout by Making it Custom for the Position

While it might sound like a lot of work, it makes sense to modify your resume for certain jobs. For example, if you want to work for a company which has a heavy emphasis on environmental work, it makes sense to highlight your own interests in this area. You can do this with your skills, past experience, and even the way you write the whole thing, and it doesn’t take much longer than simply using the same document for each job. If you aim to apply for a job on startup companies, you can add skills that can help build their brand such as technical and creative skills.

Yes, I know a CV with different cover letters may seem easier. But remember. You’ll have to customize those cover letters beyond just the change of company you’re applying to!

With all of this in mind, you should have an opportunity to make your resume stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons.

It’s not always easy to handle something like this when you’ve been out of the game for a long time. And the thing is to protect yourself from mistakes in the beginning. Small improvements can go a long way when it comes to a polished resume. And that, my dear, will go a long way into entering the next stage of your career with more confidence.

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