As I prepare for my upcoming digital sabbatical, I thought it appropriate to bring to this space my Manifesto on Balance, which I shared in part in my weekly eZine / newsletter in January.

For years and years, I sought balance.  Yet in the pursuit of the ever elusive balance, I discovered that, for me, the concept is mythical.

I have a definition of balance that I live by.  It’s my personal defintion and by no means do I feel you have to agree 100% with me.  I want to share with you  to get your thoughts – and also challenge you to truly dig in and define “balance” for you and how it applies to your life.

The Manifesto of Balance

Life does not balance on a daily basis.  Some days, the lion’s share of energy will go towards work.  Some days, the lion’s share of energy will go towards my home.  Some days the lion’s share of energy will go towards a creative project (which is often disguised as work).  And sometimes, the lion’s share of energy gets to go to what I would term as fun:  my partner, traveling, or a day spent on the couch reading a new novel.

What’s important is – when I look upon my life in snapshot form – I see a balance of sorts revealed – sometimes over a week’s time and sometimes over a month’s time.  What is critical is that when I take the time to ponder and reflect, the core of who I am feels peaceful and content.

When my soul feels weary, it’s time to adjust.  Until then, allow life to ebb and flow.

No relationship is ever 50/50 on a daily basis.     Relationships are sometimes 60/40 – and sometimes they are 20/80.  Trying to keep track of who puts forth more effort or any kind of keeping score (I do this and he does that) is only detrimental to my soul and the health of every relationship.  What is critical is that when I take time to ponder and reflect, I choose to continue to nurture my relationships that feed my soul….and spend less time on the relationships that act as a vampire to my energy.

Like life, relationships will ebb and flow – and will do so in a natural rhythm if we allow it.

When it comes to sharing my life online, I will always strive to share the feelings and experiences along my journey in life even if I choose not to share them in real time.  What is critical is that when I look back and reflect upon my postings within the venues available, I am able to connect with others while feeling that the private parts of my life are still my own.  That my spirit of adventure, my passion for a life well lived, my faith in others, and feeling that I am love-struck shines through – even if I don’t make my life an open book.   Sharing parts of my life with the world at large is not about being popular –   it’s about connection.

When I forget my personal definitions of “Balance” – whether it applies to life, relationships, or social media, I am not being true to ME.  In fact, ignoring my definitions and attempting to bend to anther’s definition sets me up for pain and suffering of mind, body, and/or soul.

Allow life to ebb and flow because there is no passion nor fulfillment in the attempt of life balance.  Only in the living of life.

(the end for now)

I’ve been writing on the web since September 2000.  During more than a decade of sharing pieces of myself, I have come to understand that I can still be real – authentic, vulnerable, and overflowing with pure love – without sharing every detail of my existence with you.   Yes, as a part of learning to define balance for myself, I have come to understand that there is indeed a balance of authenticity with privacy.

My digital sabbatical begins on April 13th and will go until May 7th.

It will be divided into two parts.  Part One goes from April 13th until April 26th.  During this time, I am going to be a reducing my time on-line by a minimum of 50%.  I will still be available to clients and class attendees – and still conducting Discovery Sessions.   Part Two  begins April 27th  and will carry through until May 7th.  During this time, I am going to be reducing down to 10% or less.

Thanks to the magic that is WordPress, MailChimp and HootSuite, you will see traces of me during this time.  I ask that you be patient and understanding if I am overly delayed in responding.

I have every confidence that this time away will be bittersweet – bitter in the missing of your presence – but sweet in the value it brings to refreshing my soul.

In the meantime, I’d love for you to share your thoughts on my Manifesto of Balance – as well as your own definition of “balance”.