A s I write this note, I am trying to look forward at my screen, though my peripheral vision is screaming at me to look instead at The Big Mess that is my desk. Piled to the left of me are stacks of books and planners, a slew of baby index cards, a pair of scissors, a headset, and Mess to Delight: a Home Office Love Storycards for snail mail I want to send today. I daren’t glance right or look at the floor behind me if I want to get this written as I know the mess of stacks and piles and little droppings of stuff that is currently residing there.

Welcome to the world of working at home, a tiny battle ground for productivity, devotion, precious focus, and real life.

From the time I was a little girl, I have been messy. No matter where I go, there are piles of things I leave behind: books and papers, my coffee cup, and that pair of shoes that suddenly got too hot. I have a wide variety of interests and responsibilities, so my brain hops from one topic to another, adding to what gets put down, usually so I can pick up something more appealing.

The reality of how my brain works is that sometimes I just need to spread everything out to sort through and find that next inspiration for whatever I want to work on.

Managing a business and a life sometimes require just that, to pull all the pieces, make a big mess, and rearrange them like a beautiful mosaic.

Your life is art and the canvas to create that life often begins in your home office. No matter if you have a corner, a closet, or a big beautiful room.

Yesterday, I started updating my canvas – my office – to set it up for what I desire to do in the year ahead. The previous arrangement of things, combined with the realities of real life, meant it wasn’t working as it was. Well, not only did things need to be re-ordered, the holidays and travel meant that there were extra piles of things needing new homes.

I pulled all the books out of my bookcase to dust the shelves, then replaced only those books that felt relevant. Some of my shelves are back to their tidy selves, but there is a small stack of tchotchkes and books that I haven’t made up my mind about yet.

I rearranged some furnitureI did a brain dump, thus all the baby index cards. I needed to work my traveling office of journals and planners and such back into my real office now that I’m home for at least the next three months.

They say that a messy desk is a sign of brilliance, and I hope that I fit that. Yet, I know the only way to be more productive is to tidy up each mess so I can think. But first, I need the mess, to spread out all my tools and inspirations, so that I can see it all.

Let’s be honest, though. For those of us not born with that Organized Gene, keeping on top of our clutter is always going to be something that takes conscious effort. I know that real life means that I mush my life full of events, books, and desires. Like an old canvas bag, sometimes it bursts out at the seams.

Curating a life that I love demands that I do this on occasion:  let a little clutter build until I find myself avoiding my office like the plague due to the mess and my inability to think in there. Then, I dive in, spending an hour here and thirty minutes there until it’s tidy and refreshed, and once again serves as the place I can’t wait to retreat to as I dream and scheme and ensure that what I desire to do and create has a space to be nurtured and born into being.

This is the space Virginia Woolf reminds me that I need: a room of my own. It truly is a little love story, this office and me. And in order to nurture that love story, day after week after month, it demands that I allow the mess to build. To throw paint and paper at my canvas of life. And then tidy it up to be a space in which I can love and dream and find delight.

Do you want to create your own Love Story when it comes to your office? How about not only getting your office in order, but creating supportive systems? Let do it. Together.

The Congruency of Your Office & Your Goals: Home Office Edition can HelpI’m brought a favorite course out of the vault: Home Office Edition: Clearing Clutter & Creating Systems for Entrepreneurs and Others Who Office At Home.

Working from home isn’t always easy. There are distractions abound – neighbors, the postman, the laundry, Netflix…. So, don’t let the clutter add to your distractions.

Working from home can give you a sense of freedom you’ll never find in a cubicle. So the creation of systems will help you feel free because you’ll be supported by a structure that fits your needs.

I created the Home Office Edition to help you clear your physical spaces and create systems that fit your life and business.

2018 Course Dates:

  • Beginning Sunday, October 15, 2018

2019 Course Dates:

  • Beginning Monday, February 18, 2019
  • Beginning Monday, September 15, 2019

Course Investment: $21.

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Life coach Debra Smouse helps women feeling overwhelmed by life and/or their schedule recreate their life into one worth falling in love with. A self admitted tarnished southern belle, she now resides in Dayton, OH with the man of her dreams.