When it comes to fashion trends, a lot of us find ourselves playing catchup quite often. Fashion trends tend to come and go (and sometimes come and go again), making it tricky to predict what will be popular.

It’s always nice when you can exude confidence through your wardrobe, and I know that the latest and greatest head-turning trends can help facilitate that feeling for many women. Even if you’re not necessarily interested in sporting everything considered “popular,” a few tweaks to your closet is never a bad idea. However, the best place to begin starts at the bottom, so keep reading to learn how to embrace new fashion trends with confidence.

One – Foundations.

First, let’s face it: There’s nothing quite like slipping on new underwear. And when you start your quest to stay up with fashion trends, that’s where it should begin. This year you’re going to see more and more women wearing a full coverage bra and underwear. Even though you may have seen super-exposed cleavage all over Instagram in years past, full-coverage bras are coming back in style. Bras that provide just the right coverage while being pretty and comfortable will help build your trendy wardrobe from the ground up.

Two – Celebrity Inspired

Keeping up with the latest looks backed by celebrities doesn’t mean you have to stalk them online or religiously watch for new paparazzi photos. Online stores like Revolve have exclusive brands purchased directly from designers and are celebrity-approved, while luxury department stores have always kept on top of the trends and are known for their super-exclusive collections and limited edition pieces.

Three – Keep Up This Way

Really and truly, when it comes to keeping up with the fall/winter top trends, you need to follow Fashion Week. Fashion Week is held in New York City during the second week of February, and while getting an actual invite can be difficult, you can always catch the shows on several online streaming services for free. Additionally, many social media influencers cover the event, and you can follow them for a decent synopsis.

Four – Make it More Affordable

Four – You may like to dress like the most elite in fashion, but you probably can’t afford to fly off to Fashion Week in Paris or Milan. Luckily, you can always get those updates from publications like W Magazine and Harper’s BAZAAR. The latter includes the latest perspectives on modern fashion, and W Magazine has been covering high-end fashion since 1971.

Five – Mainstream Inspiration

For more mainstream styles, you should get a digital subscription to other well-known magazines like Vogue, InStyle, and ELLE. While all of these magazines are actually still in print, it’s often easier to utilize an online subscription as it allows you to check it out wherever/whenever.

Six – If Sporty is Your Style

If you prefer a contemporary or sporty look, MAGIC Las Vegas is happening February 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year. MAGIC Las Vegas is known as the home of trendy clothes and accessory brands, and it’s also scheduled to happen in New York from February 21-23 and Nashville from April 26-27.

Seven – Must Watch

Last but certainly not least, if you want to see the best from designers and influencers, you must follow the Met Gala. It’s referred to as “Fashion’s Night Out” and is held in NYC on the first Monday in May every year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and this fundraiser always shows off the latest in hot fashion.

Trends go cold only to resurface years later, and new styles always crop up, so staying on top of the latest trends can be tricky. However, with the above tips, you can stay on top of your chosen style and feel great about how you look.

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