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Loving Yourself in the Busiest of Seasons

Saturday Evening Post Dick Sargent 1956

The holiday season is upon us, dear one, and I know that for most of us, that means that the rhythm of life increases to an intensity that often feels as if your heart will burst from constantly racing. You know it’s a pace you will be unable to sustain, and yet you feel trapped, […]

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13 Ways to Keep Tired from Becoming Exhausted


Are you feeling more than a little tired, darling? There is so much that demands our time in the normal course of life, but as we move into December and towards a brand new year, the demands on our time expand. There are more errands to run and more shopping than normal to add to […]

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Surviving Holiday Gatherings – Drama Free

unhappyholiday Fred Laurent

Oh, the joys of the holiday season are upon us. Turkey and dressing. Latkes and a cherished family Dreidel. Decorating the Christmas tree while sipping hot cocoa (or spiked eggnog). We look forward to sharing delightful meals, making beautiful memories, and being surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family. Let’s be real, though. The […]

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Activate Your Super Powers

Activate Your Super Powers

A client told me she was looking for the keys to activate her super powers. You know those superpowers. The ones that allow you to be faster than a quickly-filling in-box, more powerful than a never-ending to-do-list, and able to leap tall piles of laundry in a single bound. I get it. In this over-scheduled, […]

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No Need to “Foil” Easter

No Need to "Foil" Easter

Who can resist the joys of an Easter (or Passover) meal?  For those adhering to the strictness of Lent, it’s the feast to celebrate the culmination of the season.  It’s also the first opportunity for many families, scattered hither and thither to gather together since Christmas .   It’s a gathering sharing not only food, but […]

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Shop Until You Drop?

Shop responsibly this holiday season

I’ll be honest:  I have moments where I really love to shop.  There is something primal about finding the perfect pair of boots or just the right coffee mug for my morning ritual of caffeine with sugar and cream.  I think it’s the traces of our Hunter/Gatherer roots.  But the glut of consumerism you see […]

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Gratitude – It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving

Gratitude Not Just for Thanksgiving

It’s the week of Thanksgiving for those of us in the States, and the one day of the year that most folks stop to ponder the things they are thankful for in their lives.  I encourage you to use this time of year to consider that,  just like the joy of turkey sandwiches any time, […]

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Case Closed

Case Closed

Turn the Family Courtroom Back Into a Dining Room Who can resist the lure of the holidays? They are times filled with good food, and spent surrounded by the love and joy of our families.  For some, the opportunity to spend time with parents, grandparents, siblings, and distant cousins defines what Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas […]

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