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A Perfect Holiday Your Wish for the Season?

What if the Perfect Holiday was in the BEING not Doing?

Is “perfect” on you list for the holidays? Is that image of how things should be planted so deeply into your mind that your only focus right now is how to create it? Do you have a big,  long list of things to do to make it happen? Deep down, most of us believe in […]

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The Holidays Trigger Perfectionism


Because I know that confession is good for the soul, let me be frank with the fact that I struggle with perfectionism.  Now, to be honest, it isn’t as prevalent in the day-to-day living as it used to be. And for that I am thankful. But it would be a big fat lie if I […]

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Want to Fall in Love? Start with Peace

Rolf Armstrong

Once upon a time, I became convinced that if I had a perfect body, then I would be able to fix my failing marriage. I worked out seven days a week and spent at least two hours a day at the gym.  I worked out with a personal trainer, attended spin classes, and in between […]

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