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Decision Fatigue is Real: Here’s 9 Ways to Deal

Decision Fatigue is Real

I had two clients break down into tears this last month over how overwhelmed they’re feeling. Mile long to do lists that seem never ending. Too many responsibilities with no ability to delegate or even defer much. Feeling on the edge of not just burnout, but a breakdown. In trying to figure out tools that […]

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Bullet Journal Tips (And Why It’s Saving Me)

Tips for Using a Bullet Journal

You may have heard the buzz in productivity circles about a concept called a “Bullet Journal“. It’s a great approach:  to shift from multiple apps, devices, planners, calendars, and slips of paper to track everything in one place. From the habits you desire to build to tracking appointments. From remembering to journal  to noting what […]

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A Secret for Sassier & Happier Living


Want to know a secret? Your life can be enhanced and made happier, sassier, and more productive with the addition of supportive routines and rituals to your daily life.  You see, some loose structure around how we spend our precious time allows us to harness our focus and move forward towards our deepest desires. Just […]

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Gypsy Writing, Congruency, and You


I believe that confession is good for the soul, so here’s a personal confession: I have some big goals this year around my writing, yet the first quarter of 2013 was spent with me being a gypsy. Now, while I have a gypsy soul when it comes to the exploration of my deepest desires via […]

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Fall in Love With Your Life: Fall Into Bed

Fall in Love With Your Life: Fall Into Bed

Let me ask you a question, my dear: how are you? Did you wake up with a zest for the day of ahead, or did you pull the covers up over your head and curse at your alarm clock? Do you want to feel sexier and be happier?  Do you want to be creative and […]

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