It’s almost Christmas as I write this, darling. I had a whole other blog post planned for this week, but it can wait for a week or two.

I know you may not celebrate the Christmas. Or maybe, this year, you just don’t feel like celebrating Christmas.  Everywhere I go, it Artist: Jack Vettrianoseems as if folks are a little blue this year. Well, maybe not a little. Some folks seem downright angry at the world, which tells me they aren’t just a little blue, but a deep indigo blue.

Long ago I learned that angry people are really people that are sad and feeling disconnected from life and others. It can feel isolating and lonely when you don’t seem to fit the norm.

And this time of year, the norm means that you’re supposed to be Jolly. And Happy. And surrounded by loved ones. You’re supposed to buy the perfect gift so that folks will know you care about them.

It can feel as if you are invisible in a sea of noise.

I think sometimes in this hyper-connected world that we live in, we neglect to see that people want to relate and connect to others. We have an innate human need to belong to a group or tribe or family. We want to be seen and acknowledged. We want to feel that we are accepted and even if we are different we seem to be from the norm, we want to be loved.

We want others to feel our soul and our essence as we interact. We long to convey our history and our stories.

I’m going to tell you that though you may be struggling with this concept: you matter.

You are unique and an important part of the fabric of humanity.

Maybe you’ve spent so many years trying to morph into what you think you need to be in order to fit in so that you can be accepted that you don’t know who you are any longer.

Maybe you’ve been wearing masks that seem to mirror the personalities and appearances of those around us in hopes they will accept you. Maybe you have been bearing the burden of perfection and are afraid if you stop seeking of perfection, people will see that you are flawed and you believe with all your heart it will make you unlovable.

I know you won’t believe me when I say this, darling, but listen close: you are actually perfect in all your imperfections.

You were born into this world as this spectacular creature who deserves to be loved and accepted.

The next time you encounter an angry person, gift them with your empathy and a smile. Their anger is really pain. The next time you run into a person that reeks of the blues, offer them kindness. The next time you bump into a hurried and unhappy person, extend them grace.

Especially if that angry, blue, hurried or unhappy person is staring back at you in the mirror.

Your soul is whispering to you, darling. It’s telling you that you deserve love and so much grace.

Here’s the deal, kitten: I know within you is this shiny, fabulous and wholly amazing you that is meant to create a daily life that feels nourishing and supportive.

That ache? Those blues? That soul-sucking sadness? Darling, it’s your soul begging you to lay down your masks. It’s the angel whispers in your ear that are telling you it’s time to gently tear down the walls you’ve been building around you to protect yourself.

The new year is inches away, but no matter what day of the year it is, each new day is a day in which you can choose to start fresh. A day in which you can choose a conscious life and choose yourself over simply surviving.

There is so much love around you and within you.

I have faith that you can unleash the sassiest, sexiest, shiniest version of yourself into the world.

As I say goodbye this week, know I am sending this note to you with so much love and unshakable faith in you.


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