For many parents and children alike, virtual learning has certainly had it’s ups and downs. And even though some schools are returning to in-person instruction, some are still utilizing remote learning. And may do so in the future. Yet, taking part in virtual school isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because as convenient as it sounds, there are so many potential issues that may simply be ignored. Or unresolved thanks to the drawbacks of using an exclusive online platform.

If you’re family is still doing distance learning. Or, based on your experiences have made the decision to try home schooling rather than a return to the classroom. It’s important that you, as their parent, understand that you can help set things up for better success.

Here’s two quick tips for making virtual learning better for your family.

One – Minimize Distraction

One of the most important tips that you should remember when attempting to assist your children with online learning is to minimise distractions as best as you can. Being at home is much more distracting than being in a classroom. That’s because school is a specially designed environment that’s been created to encourage focus and concentration. And most of our homes are a hub of entertainment and relaxation.

  • Start by locking away any technology that they may get distracted by, such as gaming consoles or mobile phones.
  • Make sure you provide them with a quiet space to concentrate.
  • Request that other family members do not disturb your child when they are performing online lessons.
  • Look at placement for school work. Even placing your child next to a window might be a big enough distraction for them to simply lose focus whenever someone or something passes by.

Reducing distraction will go a long way for successful remote learning.

Two – Reach Out to Their Teacher

On any normal school day, if your child had an issue the first point of contact would be their teacher. Now, it seems there’s a virtual wall in between teaching staff and parents. Rather than let a challenge compound, reach out!

As the parent, you are within your rights to get in touch with them at any time. Whether you need a quick update on your child’s progress. Or need advice and guidance surrounding homework or extra activities. They may be able to offer you some teacher tips and experience with K-12 distance learning that provides a whole new point of view and set of ideas to be utilized.

Don’t be afraid to contact your child’s teacher whenever you’re in need.

As with anything in life, simple strategies like these can go a long way to successful virtual learning.

It can be tricky to meet goals when so many things have changed, so just remember to stay supportive, and avoid putting too much pressure on their shoulders that can encourage unmanageable stress.

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