It Begins With Choosing to Create Your Day

It was a typical Tuesday morning and I had committed to taking a bike ride at least three times that week. Monday had been rainy, and I knew that if a ride didn’t happen today I would find all kinds of reasons and make all sorts of excuses, and end up never completing one ride, let alone three.

I put on my bike shorts (the ones with the extra padding), slathered myself with sunscreen, grabbed my iPod and headed out to the garage to do all the little things you do for comfort and safety: check the tires, put on gloves and helmet, tuck keys and cell phone into my bike’s pouch, and head out.

As I ride, I’m rewarded by the self-congratulation for actually making it out the door (which, let’s face it, is the hardest part of any kind of exercise), but I’m also given tiny moments of pleasure from the things I see along ride: a baby bunny, lots of smiling dog walkers with their tail wagging friends, the duck families stirring along the pond, and the sheer beauty of summer blooms bursting around me.

My return home sets my day into motion: a shower and dressing for the day, slicing fresh, juicy peaches into my refrigerator oats, and a 2nd cup of coffee. I fill a huge glass with ice water, and head downstairs.

I’m at my desk before 9 AM. Not only am I in the frame of mind to get some writing done, I am feeling accomplished and am even dressed in real clothes (with make-up).

Compare this to the day I could have had, if I’d chosen to skip my morning bike ride: Get on the computer right away. Check email and begin clicking around on Facebook. The next thing I know, it’s almost 10 AM. The dregs of coffee in my cup are cold and icky, and I haven’t had breakfast. I’m not showered and, of course, the doorbell rings.

I confess: I’ve had those kinds of days many times. And every time I have one of those days, I feel frustrated, anxious, and disappointed in myself.

I would love to tell you the days of crappy starts are far behind me, but the truth is, I had one of them a few months ago. Not only did the doorbell ring once (before noon), but the three other times people came to my door that day, I still looked as though I had just rolled out of bed and thrown on whatever was convenient.

What the hell is that about? I believe in creating a daily life that is loving and nourishing, and, frankly, nothing about skipping breakfast or being glued to social media is loving or nourishing in the slightest.

The key to it all, though, is CREATION.

Whether you are choosing deliberate and intentional actions or just going with the flow, you are creating your reality.

It’s easy to say “hey, I have a good life so why try harder?” and “one bike ride won’t make a big difference.

It’s also so very easy to say “what does it matter?” or “who cares?” or “it’s too much work” or resort to any number of the other ways we pick apart our longing for the kind of life we desire.

Getting on that bike on Tuesday morning wasn’t just about getting some exercise, or spending time in the summer sunshine. It was a choice. I chose to create the perfect morning by applying the principals of compassionate discipline.

I chose deliberate actions that reflected my goals.

The reward of my choices was twofold: I felt energized and focused for a productive workday. I also created the perfect environment to nurture my life by feeling accomplished, grateful and joyful.

That’s the secret to creating a life you love: choosing to set the tone for the day before us. The opportunity is yours: choose to set the tone for your day is choosing the reward of your deeper desires.

We also build momentum, because each day holds value. Why? Each day of our life combines with the following day and that is how our life unfolds.

It’s up to us on how we choose to live those days and ultimately our entire life. We can take intentional actions and create the kind of life we desire – on purpose. And, darling, we can also choose to just do life in an unintentional way.

Yes, darling, the choice is yours.

That means that today, you have the power to choose the trajectory of your life. It’s your life, darling. Remember that you have the power to create the kind of life you want to live.

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