If there’s one thing I understand it’s how attractive all those big goals and desires can be. So many ideas! So many big dreams! And that’s the rub, isn’t it? Right alongside all those amazing ideas? Deciding which goal to pursue. So what’s a super effective process for gaining clarity on your goals?

First, it’s important to write down all your goals. No matter if they are big, small, or somewhere in between. Sometimes, the mere process of putting pen to paper invites us into a different head space, which guides you towards gaining clarity on your goals.

Yes, sometimes the mere act of writing them down helps towards gaining clarity on your goals.

After writing your goals down, now it’s time for one of my favorite tools for a quick way of gaining clarity on your goals. Are you ready?

This is the number one tool I go to when I need to decide which goal is the best goal for me to pursue.

Imagine, my dear, that you are sitting in a chair. But this is no ordinary chair. Attached to the arms and legs of your chair are handcuffs. (And, no, darling, I’m not going to go all Fifty Shades on you!) With a pen in hand, go back to your list. Read through list of goals and tune into the way your body reacts to each goal. This is where those handcuffs come in.

As you contemplate each goal, does your body tighten up? Do those handcuffs reach out and shackle you to the chair?

Then, darling, that goal will make you feel like you’re trapped. Then, darling, that goal isn’t the one you should be pursuing. This is a way of gaining clarity on your goals by understanding which goals feel like a prison.

While you may feel like discovering what goals are not truly your heart’s desires isn’t helping you clarify your goals. It is!

Often, though it’s a goal your brain insists you should pursue, the truth of the matter is that your intuition knows better. Often this happens because you wrote down a goal based on what you really think would make someone else happy. You know:  your mom, your husband, that frenemy from high school.

Or, the goal is something you think you “should” do. There are so many folks who become unhappy because they work hard on a goal they think they should: a masters degree even though you’d rather dive into your career.

Just when you think you’re going to be shackled to that chair forever? You’ll read a goal that makes the handcuffs pop off.

This is because that particular goal is something you deeply desire to pursue. Your body will tingle. And even if it feels scary, and it feels as if the shackles have unsnapped, setting you free to fly and soar.

When a goal feels like freedom? As if you could leap out of the chair and move towards it? That, my darling, is a shackles off moment.

This is a clear process of guiding you towards gaining clarity on your goals.

When you are contemplating a goal – or any decision – tune into your body! Is this a “shackles on” goal or a “shackles off” goal? Freedom or drudgery? In charge of your life or a prisoner to your life? Is that goal shackles on or shackles off?

Remember, too, that when it comes to goal achievement, you can’t pursue too many goals at the same time.

If you’re struggling to decide between two goals that both feel like “freedom”, dig a little deeper. Ask yourself why you want to pursue the goal. And how achieving that goal will make you feel. Repeat the “shackles on, shackles off” process so that you are able to gain clarity around which goal to pursue

My darling, you deserve to live a life that excites you. And part of living a life you love depends on you pursuing goals that set your heart on fire. That’s why it’s imperative to go through the process of gaining clarity on your goals.

This, my darling, is your life. It’s for you to live in a way that excites your soul and makes you feel nourished.

This process may seem simple, however, it’s the most effective tool I use day in and day out. This shackles on, shackles off process helps me love my life even more.

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