To say that the last year was different is an understatement. Most of the women I talk to confess to throwing most of their self-care out of the window due to demands on managing their families, their homes, and their work during the pandemic. And, darling, it’s time for you to stop putting yourself on the backburner. While things may feel stressful still, one way to instill hope is to create a vision for your post-covid life where you are a top priority.

Though it sounds like an empty exercise, it’s one that can help you find some hope. Because even if things still feel challenging for you right this minute, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. More folks are able to be vaccinated. And though it may be difficult to envision what “normal” will look like? It’s important for your sense of self to begin pondering it.

A year of isolating is enough to make anyone lose sight of themselves and their goals for the future. That’s why now is the time to take back your life. Because when you create a vision and a plan for what you want to get out of the rest of 2021, life will look more hopeful.

Here’s four tips for creating a vision for post-Covid life so that you’re a priority rather than an afterthought.

One – Tidy Up the Place

With spring right around the corner, one of the best ways to clear your mind and set yourself up for an amazing post-covid life is by cleaning and decluttering your space. Pick a date sometime soon to blast some music and go through things you no longer wear or use. Are there certain things you’re holding on to that will end up reminding you of the pandemic? Do you still have a few keepsakes from an old relationship you know you can throw out? To help get you started, set a rule that you can’t buy anything new until you rid yourself of the old.

Once you have a decent pile of items ready to be donated, do some research to see if any of the items are valuable. You’d be surprised how much money you might be able to make off of the items in your basement collecting dust. Even if you aren’t getting rid of something of high value, it’s always worth it to hold a small garage sale and sell a few things for cheap on your own! This money can then be put towards a springtime shopping spree that fully prioritizes a new you.

Two – Determine Your Style Needs for Post-Covid Life

After a year of having nowhere to go, it’s only natural for your fashion sense to have taken a bit of a hit. In light of this, investing in your style needs is an easy and fun way to make yourself a priority in your post-covid life. An established fashion sense can help to grow your confidence and improve your overall sense of self. But, despite how tempted you may be by a shopping spree, the smartest place to start when developing your wardrobe and style is actually with practical items like your intimates.

If you’ve been putting off going underwear shopping, you’re not alone. A 2019 survey found that about 50% of both men and women had owned their underwear for a year or more. Additionally, about 38% had no idea how long their intimates had been sitting in their underwear drawer. Should you fall into one of these percentages, it’s probably time to add underwear to your shopping list. While it’s not the most glamorous item to shop for, there’s no denying that having a go-to pair of casual seamless underwear is a crucial part of every wardrobe.

Prioritizing yourself in your post-covid life should be about putting your needs first, and underwear is definitely one of them. Remember: even if others don’t see your undies, YOU see yourself in them! So make that investment in yourself!

Three – Become a True Local

The more we contain COVID-19, the safer it becomes to venture outside of the confines of our own homes. This is why falling in love with your local area can be so helpful for your vision. So, why not make becoming a true local part of the plan for post-covid life? For most of us, this is something that we can begin doing now as businesses begin opening up.

To do this, start by finding your happy place. And no, I don’t mean your bedroom! If you aren’t comfortable indoors yet, check out your local parks. And if you are comfortable being indoors, explore your local library. Or test out a new coffee shop within the area. Even if you have to drive a few miles out of town to find a place that speaks to you, do it.

This past year has been so socially barren that even the most introverted of individuals longs for connection with other humans. So go and interact! An interaction can be as simple as putting in your order at a neighborhood café. Or as involved as doing some local volunteering.

The purpose of these interactions is the same: to find somewhere outside of your home that brings you joy.

Four – Plan a Trip

Did you know that planning can often allow you to access the emotions of actually doing something fun? This is why planning a trip is a fabulous way for thinking about post-covid living. Even if this trip is planned a year or more in advance. Part of establishing a new normal as the pandemic winds down is all about having something to look forward to for you!

So begin thinking and dreaming! Is there a dream vacation you’ve always wanted to experience? Now is the time to crunch those numbers before travel starts to pick up again and flight prices rise. Planning a trip is the ultimate way to prioritize yourself. And jump into your post-covid life head first by weighing the best safety precautions. This post-covid travel guide is a one stop shop of information on travel restrictions and advice, so set a few hours aside and get to planning.

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