Hello, darling.  How is the summer treating you?  If you’re like many folks, summertime brings around thoughts of vacations, ditching routines, dupont_material_ad_1952_joe_bowlerand longings for bikini-ready bodies.   

Personally, I’ve been awash with sensory memories. The early morning cooing of the doves and the smell of rain on hot concrete remind me of summers with my grandmother, climbing trees and making plum jelly.  Stepping into the pool and the initial raising of goosebumps as my body adjusts to the cold water reminds me of the taste of hot dogs, motel pools at the end of a day of sight-seeing, and trying to “get tan”.

Sometimes, the nostalgia brings about a longing for simpler times and freedom.  There was no  sitting at a desk when I wanted to play outside or having to wait until the lunch bell rang for lunch.  And it was unlimited books that I chose to read instead of the required pieces of literature.

Summertime meant freedom.

And sometimes, this nostalgia and summertime dreaming leads to a big case of summertime blues.

In the longing for the nostalgia, we ditch those rituals and routines that keep us on path.  We want to play, but don’t feel that we “can”, so we languish on the sofa and at our desks instead of just giving into the longing for freedom. 

Where summertime once represented freedom, we remind ourselves that we are “grown ups” and need to be “serious” and put ourselves in a little summertime prison of expectations and seeking of perfection.

My darling, summer can still represent a freedom for your and it is there on the fringes. 

It exists outside of the expectations you put upon yourself, the rules you have written for how a grown-up behaves and outside the bonds of perfection.

The choice is yours.

You can choose to stay imprisoned by the old definitions of what life was.  You can choose to lock yourself within a perfectionist view of how perfect life will be if you drop 50 pounds, plan a perfect vacation, and write a best selling novel.

Or.  You can choose to create your life from now.

Make the decision that you will begin with where you in this moment. Make peace with where you are on the map of your life and choose to let this be your starting point.

Bring those good memories into the present by honoring them with new memories.  Ditch the “if-then” process of waiting to love your life.

Create new summer rituals.  Run through the sprinklers. Listen for the sound of the ice cream man and rush out to him with a pocketful of quarters.

Clear space on your calendar.  Reduce the number of commitments and pencil in a morning of nothing. Because, baby, life is what you create.  And you deserve summertime love, not summertime blues.