Most couples getting ready for their honeymoon think of the traditional things to pack. Obviously, they will want to pack the right lingerie, clothes for going out to dinner, outfits for any tours or outings they have planned and then the usual toiletries. Of course, they know they’ll want to take plenty of photos to send back home and to keep for their memory book, but usually, that’s where their ‘packing’ begins and ends.

Here are some ideas for other things you may wish you had thought about if you didn’t bring them along.

One – Laptop Equipped with a High-End Graphics Platform

While you might think that something like an RTX Gaming Laptop is designed solely for gaming, you might be a bit mistaken. You probably wouldn’t want to bring a gaming laptop along on a honeymoon because you can think of other things that you’d rather be doing in between outings indoors.

Actually, did you know that the Nvidia GeForce RTX is considered to be a professional, high-end platform specifically designed to handle complex models in product design and architecture as well as in the production of videos?

If you are going to be videoing any of the sights you visit on your honeymoon, you’ll want high-speed, high-end graphics to edit, save, and stream your videos. That’s an absolute must if you want to preserve quality.

Two – Adaptor Plugs for Non-Standard US Wall Sockets

If you are honeymooning in Europe, for example, this information is a must. Although today’s laptops are equipped to handle voltages listed as 110 – 220, that’s because most of the newer computers are equipped to handle both 110 and 220 electric voltages. This is not so with older laptops and electronics, so always make sure you don’t also need a converter.

That said, if you are bringing along a laptop for your videos like the one mentioned above, there may be an internal switch so there is no need to convert voltages. However, your standard plug will not fit in the outlets throughout most foreign countries, so do bring plug adaptors from home so you are not left trying to find them abroad.

Three – Translation Dictionary Apps

Here is something else you might not be thinking of when packing for a honeymoon. While we know that most foreign countries study English in their elementary schools, it is not always the case and has not always been so. You may need directions at some point and older folks may not understand or speak enough English to guide you accurately. Perhaps you are looking for a restaurant favored by the locals. These are the things you may have trouble communicating, so a translation dictionary app will come in quite handy.

This is a time that you will surely want to remember for the rest of your lives and with the addition of these few items, you will be able to preserve those memories for many years to come. You might remember a camcorder or cell phone to take pictures and videos, but did you think about how to upload, edit, and watch before sending copies home? Take a few moments now so that your honeymoon isn’t spent looking for things you could easily have brought from home.

Being prepared will always help you love your life more.

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