If you are constantly worrying that there isn’t enough money. Or that love is something that is short supply, you’re probably pretty unhappy. And what I want you to know is that this mental process is keeping you from being happy. Yes, my dear, though a positive mindset doesn’t change everything, I can tell you that having a scarcity mindset will always lead to unhappiness.

This is a detrimental mindset that holds back many folks from believing that happiness can be theirs. Especially when you focus on the money aspect.  Being paralyzed with thoughts of not having enough money. Scarcity mindset often has you believing that you must put your life on hold until you have more money to “do things. When the truth is, my dear, you must make the most of your life now. Without all that if-then thinking.

Money is simply a tool, so here’s some things to know if you’re ready for scarcity mindset to stop holding you back.

One – A Scarcity Mindset is Ironically Comfortable

Our scarcity mindset feels comfortable. For most of us, it’s all we have ever known and even the thought of becoming successful and making more money or dare we say it, become rich, scares us.

That’s not to say you must take dangerous risks but it’s important to step out of your comfort zone every now and then to get a taste of what is possible and the opportunities that await you if you do.

Two –  You Are Afraid of Sharing

Those who live a life constantly worrying about not having enough and believing that there is a finite amount of resources are the least likely to share anything they do have. Just in case it runs out.

Sharing is one of the most genuine, authentic, and rewarding acts a human can undertake. You will be amazed at what doors can open, the people you meet and the experiences that are possible once you start to share your wealth.

Three –  You Believe You Don’t Have Good Resources

When we believe everything we have is going to run out or disappear at any moment we become greedy, negative, and even unfriendly. No doubt you will have come across unfriendly rich people during your life. A lot if this unfriendliness is the scarcity mindset in full force.

What I have is mine, not yours and I’m unwilling to share it because at any moment it may run out. The reality? Most of us have plenty more than we need and it isn’t going to run out anytime soon. Some of you may even have enough to last two or three lifetimes.

Four –  Individualization (or going solo)

We live in a modern world that demands individualization because it funds our current capitalist system. Looking out for number one is of the utmost importance to us and we all strive to create our own unique brand identity. As long as we are doing good we will survive another day, you settle. Because you believe you just need to look out for you in this big scary competitive world.

The truth is, we humans thrive best in small groups. We were prosperous, happy and connected for millions of years as small tribes helping one another and facing all our issues as a team. A life with lots of material goods but no genuine social connections is no life at all.

Because, darling, constantly worrying about not having enough will always make you feel as if you will never be able to have enough. Don’t allow a scarcity mindset to trick you into believing that you don’t deserve more.

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