One thing we all need is to feel safe in our working lives. That’s why if you do not work at home, you may worry about an environment that’s challenging to your mental health. Or worse that the workplace has a higher risk of injury. Rather than simply feel anxious about work, it’s good to be an advocate for yourself and your co-workers.

Here’s four tips on how to feel safer in your workplace.

One – Ask for Additional Training

If you work in an environment that is susceptible to work-related injuries, such as a warehouse or working with chemicals, you may want to consider asking for more training. This will improve your knowledge and understanding of the safety hazards and precautions in your workplace.

If you do suffer an injury at work, know that is it within your right to claim workers compensation. To prevent this from occurring, correct training will help you reduce the risk of work-related injuries.

Two – Use Mistakes as Tools for Learning

Emotional safety in the workplace is equally important. Your mental health can decline anywhere, especially in places you feel under pressure or stressed. Thus, make it ok to make mistakes. What would happen in your organization right now if someone made a mistake? For an employee to feel emotionally safe they need to know that if they make an error, people will not think any less of them for owning up to it – and in fact, for owning it too. Choose to actively embrace mistakes within your culture. It’s how people learn.

Three – Be Open and Accepting of Coworkers

Everyone is different, and that’s something that should be recognized and valued. Rather than making appreciation just about achieving results, make sure there are also opportunities to celebrate individualism and the different perspectives that exist inside your company. That breadth of perspective is worth its weight in gold.

Employees need to have a voice and be able to freely express their thoughts and views. They need to feel it’s ok to speak up and they also need to know they’re being listened to. Take a look at what ways your company enables employees to make their voices heard at the moment and consider whether there are opportunities to do more.

Four – Set Up Safe Practices for All

Setting out a strict set of health and safety rules in your workspace may seem a waste of time. But, these rules can be the difference between a safe and unsafe work environment. These can be simple rules such as “don’t run with scissors”, “wear hair nets when handling food” or “protective goggles must be worn at all times.” Simple, but extremely important to the safety of your workplace. Document all regulations well and make them completely accessible to your employees. You can do this by creating a health and safety handbook, placing posters across the workspace, or found on an online portal. Ensure that you make them as easy for your employees to find.

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