Remote work is becoming more popular these days. And while full of benefits, there are some drawbacks that can occur over time. Some of which include burnout, loneliness, and lack of motivation. There are several ways to combat these and it’s very important to do what you can to make your work-from-home lifestyle successful.

Start Your Day With a Morning Routine

A consistent morning routine is very important for your mental and physical health. Start each morning on the right foot to allow yourself to be in control, rather than letting your schedule control you. A healthy morning routine will include exercise, self-care, and nutritious breakfast.

For those who are very busy with work, children, or both, try to get your exercise done first thing in the morning. Along with making your daily schedule easier, exercising in the morning is very beneficial to your productivity during the day. Many people who start their day with a walk, run, or workout state that they’ve seen an increase in energy throughout the day.

Self-care is another very important step in your morning routine, but keep in mind that this will look different for all types of people. Some will start with a shower and cup of coffee on the front porch, while others will dive deep into their skincare routine. Both of these are great ways to practice self-care so finding what works best for you is the way to identify how you should start your morning.

Breakfast is another element that will look different for everyone. The most important thing here is to listen to your body and fuel it with good nutrients that will give you energy for the day. You can find some delicious recipes all over the internet that include little prep and ones that require a bit more if you have the time. When fueling your body properly you may even be able to eliminate or significantly reduce your caffeine intake day-to-day, making for a healthier lifestyle overall.

Take a Break

Similar to setting a consistent morning schedule, when working from home it is crucial to take breaks, get up and go outside. Taking regular breaks can not only increase your productivity but is also great for your mental health. This is especially true for those who work on a computer all day; the strain that blue light has on your eyes from a computer screen is huge, so taking time away from your desk will give your brain a much-needed break.

The Importance of Your Home Office

A crucial part of your home office is setting it up for success and productivity. This means equipping it with all the necessary things to do your job such as a computer, printer, filing cabinet, etc. You’ll also want to eliminate anything that can potentially be a distraction, hindering your productivity during the workday. Items such as a television and even children can be quite distracting so be sure to create your office space in a private area of the home if possible.

When sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day you can run into some physical issues. One is increased back pain, which will definitely have an impact on your workday. Combat this by investing in a standing desk or desktop converter to get up on your feet throughout the day. Not only will this improve your posture and reduce pain, but it will also have a positive impact on your physical and mental health—resulting in a more productive workflow.

Create a Productive Design

The first thing to note is the way your office design can impact your workflow. The color scheme that you choose may not seem very important but can have a major impact on your efficiency while working in your office. According to color theory, warm-toned colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges can increase your productivity. Now this doesn’t mean painting your walls bright red, but including these elements in your design can be very stimulating; Altrum Reconnaissance states that this is because warm colors open up the left side of your brain which increases productivity.

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing your office space is to create a place where you want to spend time. Make it comfortable and specific to your wants and needs and you’ll avoid any potential problems with burnout as it relates to remote work. A clean, inviting office space is one that will ensure success.

Change Up Your Remote Environment

Home can get pretty boring when spending most of your time here, so you’ll want to make your entire home somewhere that you love to be. Create a cohesive design throughout your home and be sure to keep things tidy. A clean home will lower stress levels, making you much happier and in turn, avoid any hindrance your environment has on your workday.

Small home renovations are a great way to turn your existing home into a place that sparks joy and creativity. The bathroom is the first place most people start their day and it’s important that this space, in addition to your home office, is set up for success. Tweaking a few elements within the bathroom will go a long way and can even have a positive effect on mental health. If you think your space needs a refresh, modernize your bathroom vanity to be the focal point of the room. Update it to feature a pop of color or stick with a neutral tone to bring your dream design to life that way you’ll start each morning in a space you’re truly excited to be in. This will reduce any stressors that come along with getting ready in the morning and aid in starting each day on the right foot.

Get Out of the House

It can also be beneficial to get out of the house some days to give you a change of scenery. Spend your morning at a local coffee shop to get some socialization; remote work can be super lonely, but simply getting out in public can help you feel less lonely and actually aids in increased productivity. Other places remote workers can utilize include the library, park, or consider renting out a private office space in your town.

One way to take advantage of a remote work environment is to travel! Because you can work from anywhere, traveling the world is a perk that you get while avoiding using too much PTO. This change of scenery will increase your mood substantially, making you much more efficient and effective in your workday.

Utilize these tips to ensure you’re capitalizing on the benefits of working from home and don’t fall into the burnout that may occur. Though it is sure to happen, minimizing the negative effects will allow you to be the most successful and productive while working remotely.

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