You want to love your life and have more. You’re a dedicated go-getter. And I believe you can have a kick-ass career and create a life that you love. You can be an awesome mom, have a fabulous relationship, and still pursue your heart’s desires. Yet, the consequence to all that push and hustle? Feeling burned out at work. And in every aspect of your life.

And trust me, darling: I get it. I know that creating a life and career you love demands dedication, hard work, and a deep inner drive to succeed. But I would be remiss as a coach if I didn’t didn’t remind you that sometimes there’s a fine line between rocking your life and burning out.

Burn out can be an unfortunate consequence of having a deep, inner drive.

I don’t tell you this to discourage you from striving. Or to convince you into scaling back your goals. Rather, I share this reminder because I’ve been there. More than once in my life. When I was working in the corporate world. And more than once as an entrepreneur. Frankly, I love the hustle SO hard. It makes me feel engaged and alive! I also know it’s a super fine line from feeling alive and excited about my work and being too exhausted to get it done.

And if you’re thinking, by the way, that doing work you love will insulate you from feeling burned out at work? And that quitting your “soul-sucking” job to pursue the “career of your dreams” is the answer?

Darling, that isn’t the solution to being burned out at work.

Once, I went six straight months of zero days off. Because,when I wasn’t actively engaged with clients? I was writing blog posts for work. And I was traveling to my next gig. And doing conference calls from the airport. I was at the top of my game. Doing work that I deeply loved. Yet waking up exhausted and worn down.

And that was back before social media and smart phones. I can’t imagine how burned out at work I would feel if my life were like that today.

What I’ve learned is that you can boldly pursue the kind of life you desire. And deserve. However, in order to do that, you need to tools in place that help you stay on track. And solid habits that allow you to balance the desire to succeed with having a nourishing life.

These nine strategies will help you avoid feeling burned out at work

One – Don’t Take Things Personally

Did a co-worker make an unnecessary swipe at you in a weekly meeting? Were you the only person not tagged in that networking photo on Instagram? It can be so easy to catalog every injustice or rude thing a colleague does. Or to get upset when the boss chooses someone else for that assignment you really wanted to take on to prove yourself. However, if you want to avoid feeling burned out at work, it’s imperative that you don’t take these things personally.

Two things to remind yourself. When someone is a jerk, it’s about THEM not you. Maybe they’re jealous. Or just not a nice person. And, if you focus on “poor you” and cataloging how you’ve “been done wrong”, then that’s going to constantly stir up negative emotions about work. And negativity is going to push you towards burn out and dissatisfaction.

Instead, keep focusing on how you can show up for yourself and your career. Be kind and professional towards everyone. And do the best work you’re capable of.

Two – Apply Logic Not Emotion and You’ll Avoid Feeling Burned Out at Work

When work is stressful, it’s so easy to begin falling down the rabbit hole of worse-case-scenarios. Or allowing your emotions and negative feelings to spiral out of control. Remind yourself that not only is it not personal, work is about work. So, step back from emotion. And apply logic towards any conflict, unreasonable demand, or conflicting priorities.

A good way to apply logic is to do a brain dump and write down every part of a challenge. Take a break and walk around the office or get a fresh cup of coffee. Then, come back to what you’ve written and separate fact from emotion. This allows you to discover a professional and non-emotional approach to problem solving. And doing this on the regular will insulate you from burning out.

Three- Taking Good Care of Yourself Always Helps

One of the challenges of approaching work at full-tilt-boogie is the propensity to eat what’s quick. Or live on coffee in the mornings to gear up and then wine at the end of the day to wind down. Oh, and in order to get everything done, I am sure

Though it may feel like too much “work” when you’re so busy

the better your boundaries the less likely you are to fall prey to burn out

Four – Good Boundaries will Help You Avoid Feeling Burned Out at Work

Speaking of boundaries, you need to take time off. This includes actually taking vacation days and weekends.

Five – Take Time to Reflect and Be Mindful

Though you may not feel like you have time in your day to reflect? Doing so allows you to take a step back from the craziness and slip into mindfulness.

While you may think that your time would be better spent tackling one more thing on your to do list, science is behind checking in with yourself. Researchers discovered that the employees who chose to spend a quick fifteen minutes reflecting at the end of the day? They performed 23% better after ten days than their co-workers who didn’t take time to engage in this mindful activity.

Six – Setting Goals Helps Insulate You from Feeling Burned Out at Work

When you visualize your future in the form of written goals, you literally re-wire your brain and memory. So, be sure you set some work and career goals. Doing so will help insulate you from burn out. Want to know why?

Well, when you imagine how you feel when those goals are achieved, your brain actually experiences those emotions. That feel-good emotional state will help you power through, even when the days are tough.

Seven – Say No and Yes from a Place of Power

I’m sure you know that you need to say NO in order to move towards what’s really important.

Eight – Declutter Your Office to Keep from Feeling Burned at work

environment matters.

Nine – Don’t Revolve Your Social Life Around Work

be friendly, but your best friends don’t have to be from work. have a social life

Being devoted to your goals doesn’t have to mean hustling until you’re burnt to a crisp.

When you empower yourself with solid tools that support your career while enabling you to still have a nourishing life? You can avoid feeling burned out at work. And life. You’ll discover that you can be even more productive when you insulate yourself from burn out.

You can crush those career goals and still pursue that more. You deserve more than being a statistic. By ensuring you don’t allow yourself to be burned out at work, you set yourself up for amazing success.

Working from home is not productive for most people. But you aren't most people.Working from home doesn’t insulate you from feeling burned out at work.

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