As we quickly approach the end of another year, you may be chastising yourself for abandoning resolutions. Or not meeting every goal. And I get it, unmet goals can make us feel pretty lousy about ourselves. But I’m here to tell you that all goals hold value.

Here’s why even unmet goals are valuable.

Let’s talk about goals. We all have them, and we all have them for a reason—to achieve those next levels in our lives and get closer to our dreams. And there are plenty of times that we absolutely crush them. But we have to be honest with ourselves…there are also plenty of goals that we fall short on. Whether it’s a timing issue or just something we can’t meet at this time in our life, those goals remain open.

And I am here to tell you that not only is that completely fine, but also 100% normal and a part of the human experience.

Chances are you are someone who is high-achieving and views failure as not an option. Having unmet goals does not mean you have failed. They mean that you have to readjust and plan out your next step. Or accept that this goal is not currently meant to be in your life. There is no need to be anxious or stressed about any of these scenarios, and here is why:

Even though goals you don’t reach may feel like you failed, failure can actually be good.

We learn from our failures and we grow from the moments that make us feel uncomfortable. We can’t expect to achieve greatness and all of our goals if they come easy to us. And if you’re crushing every single goal, chances are you’re not pushing yourself enough. Unmet goals are essential to personal growth and development and are a necessary part of your experiences in this life.

Sometimes we choose the “Right Goal” but at the wrong time in our lives.

Many of our goals are personal—lose weight, clean the house, run a 5K in 3 months. But there are those goals that are dependent on others—get that promotion, find a romantic partner, volunteer with others.

Life is constantly throwing us curve balls, and while we are great at dodging them, we also sometimes have to adjust what we’re doing in order to meet the new demands. Which means that you may no longer have time to practice running, or meal prep, or going above and beyond at work like you have been. Just because you are not hitting a goal deadline—that you yourself probably created—doesn’t mean that you will never achieve the goal and that you have to give up. Figure out what factors led to the goal being undone and adjust your schedule accordingly for the future.

Unmet Goals aren’t really unmet, but set aside because we chose a different path.

There is also the possibility that this goal simply wasn’t meant for you. Sometimes our “failures” are really good wakeup calls for new paths that we need to explore. If you have been trying to get a promotion and keep failing to meet the deadline you’re hoping for, that isn’t because of you if your performance has been apparent. It could be that this isn’t the job for you. Or maybe you can’t lose the weight, but you haven’t actively changed your diet or exercise habits yet. You may not be ready to, and that’s okay. Being honest about where you are and what you can realistically achieve is important.

Your desires and goals always hold value.

Whether you want to set resolutions based on your health, intentions based on your deeper desires, or make goals based on well, thought out plans, remember there is always value in the exploration.  As we approach the year ahead, remember that making your wants a desires a priority will always help you move forward towards a life you love.

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