Earning money is great because it gives you financial stability in your life. But, have you ever considered working with your significant other? Some people might look at that question in shock, as it’s not something they would ever consider doing. But stay with me here. Finding a job that can be done as a duo may be a good fit for whatever stage of life you’re in right now.

This can be an especially good idea if you’re retired but itching to be active. Or, frankly, just not feeling ready to “just be retired”.

Though, working together as a couple can strengthen an already strong bond and give people the chance to learn more about their life partners. Let’s face it: you wouldn’t be with your life partner if you couldn’t do things together as a team. Why not put that to good use by earning money with someone whose company you enjoy the most? The following are four job examples where you can both work together.

Here’s four ideas for jobs a couple can do together.

One – Team Truck Driving

If you both enjoy the open road, it’s worth considering jobs as team truck drivers. In a nutshell, team truck drivers take it in turns to drive a truck across long distances, such as from coast to coast.

Team truck driving is a fun job you can do together as a couple, and the work is well-paid. You get to explore some beautiful and memorable parts of the country, and, of course, you won’t get separated from each other for long periods.

Two – Gate Guarding

What if hauling heavy loads across the country doesn’t sound like a job both of you want to do? The good news is many other jobs don’t require such levels of commitment. One such example is gate guarding.

As gate guards, you will both get paid by oil companies to monitor people that enter and exit an oil field facility. The work is similar to a security job, but you’ll both have to provide 24/7 guard duties.

Thankfully, you can take it in turns to work shift patterns. During quiet periods, you can both relax together. Gate guards typically live in an RV, so you should both be happy to ‘live’ in an RV instead of bricks and mortar accommodation.

Three – Mobile Health-Screening

Do you both have previous work experience in medical roles? If so, you could work together as mobile health-screening technicians. It’s another driving job but one where you don’t need to spend weeks at a time on the road.

Mobile health-screening technicians typically cover a town, city, or region near to where they live. Their job is to conduct medical tests on company employees, usually in a mobile testing unit provided by their employers.

Four – Domestic Couple

Lastly, if you’d prefer to have a more fixed work location, you and your significant other could work together as a ‘domestic couple.’ But, what exactly is a domestic couple, and what is it they do?

Domestic couples get hired to look after residential properties for homeowners that may or may not be away from home. There are various tasks domestic couples can do for their employers.

For example, you could take care of the landscaping while your partner provides other household duties such as cooking, cleaning, or childcare.

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