Sometimes we get to a point in our life where we are sick of the 9-5 life, the stressful work that takes over everything, and just want life to be a bit more peaceful and happier. It may be that your job ends up having you think about it 24/7 so when you get home after a long day you are still thinking about work and what things you need to do.

Struggling to find a good work and life balance is very common and a lot of people burn out from this and end up struggling with mental health and relationships. Maybe you’re pondering a career change at this stage of your life. Because So if you are someone like this and thinking of a career change that you can do later on in life but also want to have more passion for what you do then keep on reading.

One – Working With Children

There are so many ways you can work with children and you don’t have to have a degree and be a teacher. Working with children especially at preschool age can be so rewarding as you are shaping young minds and just letting kids have a fun time. It is such a happy job environment to be in but you do need some sort of qualification which you can learn through working or even see if there are evening and weekend classes to do before you make the switch.

It isn’t a job where you need to bring lots of baggage home with you and you won’t find yourself stressed every day and feeling unhappy. Children can bring smiles to your faces within seconds.

Two – What About Working With Animals?

Now, this isn’t for everyone but for a lot of people they are animal lovers. So working outside on a farm or attraction that has animals that need care and looking after is a great option. You will get outdoors and not be stuck in an office all day. So when the weather is good you can enjoy it, feel the sun on your skin and not through the office windows.

Animals are so enjoyable to be around, have their own personalities, and are a joy to look after. See what types of farms, attractions, and animal care places there are near you, and have a conversation on how you can get involved.

Three – Turn Your Hobby into A Job or Side Hustle

Another way that a lot of people tend to forget about is that people can make money in any way, all you need to do is apply yourself and invest in yourself a bit. It could be that you like keeping bees, then you can make some fresh locally sourced honey and sell it at a local farmer’s market. A lot of people tend to go for more local produce lately. Or if you love writing you can start a blog with affiliate links, which can, in turn, generate income in all different ways. Again, if you are crafty with knitting, sewing, or art you can sell that online. With Etsy and eBay, the world is your oyster.

Are you wanting to other ideas to love your job as well as every other part of your life?

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