Sometimes we get into ruts or blah moods that make us become grey clouds. While you always hope these moods are fleeting, they sometimes stick around and make getting through the days a bit tougher. And while we know we won’t feel like this forever, there are ways to pick yourself up and get out of this mindset faster than waiting around for it to naturally change.

We sometimes need a reminder of why we deserve to be happy.

And the best way to do that is by asking ourselves some of the following questions! You can reflect on these in your head, or journal them to remember in the future or to really drive home what makes you happiest.

One – What are my goals right now?

Remember the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? I’m asking you to ponder those again. And, riff off of that. And while you’re thinking thinking of big, long-term goals is great, think of the daily or weekly ones that you can achieve as baby steps towards happiness.

Two – What passions and hobbies can I turn to rather than brood?

Sometimes, you just need to get a little busy to bust through a blue mood. Maybe it’s crafting or knitting. Or maybe you need to set aside time to read quietly outside. Whatever they may be, remind yourself of them and then participate in them once again.

Three – What is something new I can try?

Often we feel blah because we’re not just sticking to routines, but in a rut! So, how can you shake things up? Perhaps it’ll be a new hobby. Or trying a new recipe. And maybe you just need to do something different – like actually get dressed every day instead of just slipping into comfy (yet sloppy) clothes. This will help you find a little motivation that can get the ball rolling for other new experiences.

Four – Is there anything I need to do but am avoiding?

Maybe it’s a tough conversation or an annoying task at work that’s bogging you down. While it may be anxiety inducing to confront it, there can also be a huge sigh of relief on the other side.

Five – What do I admire in my friends that I can reflect in my life?

Our friends are great examples of how to live happy lives—a friend can show you how to let negativity run off your back or how to turn a crummy moment into something beautiful. So, don’t be jealous of your friends successes or happiness. Instead, look to them for inspiration.

Six – How do I impact my friendships and relationships in a positive way?

We all bring something grand and loving to the table. Think about the ways your friends replicate your actions or turn to you when they are down and elevate that for yourself.

Seven – What is something I really appreciate right this second?

A kind note from a coworker, cuddles from kids or animals, an unexpected hug from a partner—these are all little things we may not be recognizing but can pick up our mood once we call them out.

Sometimes we get into funks and have a hard time remembering the happy and cheerful moments that we’re used to. It’s important to ask yourself the above questions into order to remember what normally fills our cup—and what is waiting to bring you joy once you realize it’s right there.

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