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Productive Not Busy: How to Love Your Life More

Be more productive, not busy!

The kids are back in school. We’ve moving into fall and are thinking about the holidays. People get a fresh start in the fall, as if it’s Back to School for all of us. We’re moving into the busy season. Everyone is OH, so , busy. You vow that now is the time! You are […]

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13 Ways to Keep Tired from Becoming Exhausted


Are you feeling more than a little tired, darling? There is so much that demands our time in the normal course of life, but as we move into December and towards a brand new year, the demands on our time expand. There are more errands to run and more shopping than normal to add to […]

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The Holidays Trigger Perfectionism


Because I know that confession is good for the soul, let me be frank with the fact that I struggle with perfectionism.  Now, to be honest, it isn’t as prevalent in the day-to-day living as it used to be. And for that I am thankful. But it would be a big fat lie if I […]

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Twelve Ways to Spring Forward with Ease


It seems like only yesterday we were asking all of our clocks and watches to fall back and here we are on the edges of spring already, with our clocks ready to be flung forward. Though our initial reaction may be to just complain about how inconvenient the time change is, how tired we are, […]

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Meditation to Fall in Love with Your Life

meditation to love your life

If I had to reduce my personal “coping with anything” toolbox down to a handful of tools, I’d have to include clearing physical clutter, a gratitude practice, clearing my head by writing things down, and meditation. So now for some brutal honesty, my dear: in the last year, I’ve fallen far away from any regular […]

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Holiday Wishes to Love Your Life

Sheer Delights by Gil Elvgren (1948)

Merry Christmas, darling.  I know that by the time you read this, the stockings have been emptied, the latkes of Hanukkah are a memory and the breakfast casseroles have been reduced to crumbs.   As I write this, I have a turkey breast in the oven and the cornbread dressing and overnight potatoes are nestled in […]

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Give Yourself a Gift: Lose Some Baggage

Gil Elvgren Holiday Pin Up

Hanukkah is nearly over, and we’re mere days from Christmas. As I stock the house with necessities like paper towels, pasta and coffee, I can’t help but notice the frenzy of shoppers filling their carts to the brim with sweaters and pajamas and video games. Now, I could digress into the subject of “stuff,” and […]

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Ten Ways to Love & Celebrate Shorter Days

Ten Ways to Love & Celebrate Shorter Days

Once upon a time…when I was around the age of seven, I was totally confused by the discovery of the concept of Daylight Savings Time.  I rose early on a Sunday morning, knowing that while the rest of the house was sleeping, my job was to keep quiet.  I had books, could sneak into the […]

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