The change of season (and Covid concerns), when the end of the year fast approaches, when we move or simply because we have to. Doing a thorough cleaning in the kitchen should not need excuses but the truth is that it is usually for one of these reasons that we throw the blanket over our heads to clean everything in depth.

It’s also important to make sure that your kitchen appliances are cleaned to keep them in good working order. Just in case something does break down, you will need to know where to buy replacements. You can see what is available here.

It seems tedious and it will take us hours and hours, but with a good organization, we will have a pristine kitchen in no time.

Here are some tips before you get down to work:
  • Check that you have all the products you need to clean. Write down the missing ones so you don’t forget to include them on your shopping list. Until you have all of them, don’t start if you want to take this task hard.
  • Make sure of the materials present in the kitchen. As we will see below, a natural stone countertop is not cleaned in the same way as a wooden countertop, for example.
  • Try to do a thorough cleaning in the kitchen on a day when it is warm outside. You will need to open the windows and it is best to avoid getting cold.
  • Choose the order in which you will clean each item in the kitchen. We are going to advise you where to start, but you may prefer to do it differently. To make cleaning more bearable, think about the order and that way you will see the progress more clearly.
Cleaning the interior and exterior of furniture

It is just as important to clean the interior of the kitchen cabinets as the most visible areas (floor, countertops, etc.). And you will save time when cooking knowing where everything is and you will also find it quickly by having it well placed.

You can follow the method of the guru of the order Marie Kondo to have everything organized and at the same time focus on cleaning: Remove all the contents of the cabinets and drawers; discard what you no longer use, empty cans, expired /forgotten products, etc; clean the interior of each cabinet and drawer; reposition the objects inside.

Afterwards, you can clean the outside of your kitchen furniture. It will be very important that you are clear about what material they are so as not to spoil their finish, although warm water with a few drops of neutral soap and a soft sponge never fails when we want to remove grease, dirt and remove finger marks.

You can use vinegar, soap, specific cleaning products and even polish them with oil. Baking soda, vinegar, water and little else is what it takes to leave the interior of an oven gleaming. It is very normal for it to get stained with our preparations, so we recommend not letting too much time pass between cleaning and cleaning. This will be a much cleaner and greener way if you don’t like using toxins in the home.

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