I clearly recall the first time I chose a Word of the Year. It was December 2004 and my divorce with my husband of more than seventeen years was final. I wanted to take some sort of control with my life with the full knowledge that a large portion of life was out of my control. So, rather than make a bunch of resolutions, I decided to choose just a single Word to guide me in the year ahead: “Courage”.

Choosing a Word of the Year rather than making resolutions was a fairly new concept. I had gotten the idea after reading a book on having a “Wabi-Sabi” approach to life – to learn to accept the transience and imperfection part of life while creating a beautiful life. So, focusing on a single Word to serve as my own North Star felt more inline with accepting imperfection. Yet, also recognizing that no matter what was out of my control, I could love myself and parts of my life.

It was a huge concept that I could have a life that was imperfect. Yet also valuable. As I had been conditioned that the only pathway to being loved and valuable lay in my ability to be as perfect as possible.

To keep the idea of “Courage” in my heart and head as I made all kinds of decisions for life as a divorced, single mom. And the concept snowballed from there. That single change set me up for more personal growth than I thought possible over the last eighteen years.

Now, of course, everywhere you look, coaches and self-growth writers tout choosing a Word of the Year. And while there are no new concepts on the internet, my years of working with a Word of the Year personally allow me to help others pursue lives that feel loving, nourishing, and sustainable. To help find value in themselves even if they don’t fit the norms of what society says life should look like.

The first free book I gave away when I was building my newsletter list as a new coach back in 2011 was a Guide to choosing a Word of the Year. And that tradition continues.

But with so much information out there on finding a Word to serve you in the year ahead, why would you want my book over leaders like Jon Gordon or Michael Hyatt? I highly encourage you to read their books! They are great thought leaders. And the first coach I ever had a session with was Jon Gordon – he changed my life.

Here’s why: because every tool you can have to support your growth is valuable. My free eBook presents you with the opportunity to have yet another perspective. And what I know to be true is that sometimes just the wording of a single question – and our own answer – opens our minds up to a whole different path of thinking.

What will you find in my free eBook: A Guiding Light for 2023: Discover Your Word of the Year?

    • First, we’ll say Goodbye to 2022.
    • Then exploring your hopes and desires for 2023.
    • And then we’ll dig into pondering what Word will best serve us in 2023, going deeper, and then declaring it.

There are dozens of questions to help you discern where you are and what you really want. As well as some exercises for further discernment.

Up front I’ll tell you we focus a lot on the concept of desire. And while it’s easy to see the pursuit of pleasure has hedonistic and have nothing to do with pursing your goals, they can actually go hand in hand. And here’s why: if you pursue a goal and don’t get a reward, then even if you reach your goal, it’s unlikely you’ll feel satisfied about your life.

A Guiding Light for 2023: Discover Your Word of the Year closes with two bonus sections.
    • Bonus One focuses on how to continue to work with your Word in the year ahead so that it continues to serve you.
    • And, in Bonus Two, we focus on working with your emotions. Because learning how to identify your emotions  and work towards a desired feeling can be the key to shifting your life.

But I’m going to share the truth: you DON’T need my Guide to Choosing Your Word of the Year. Or any book to help you choose a Word of the Year. However, it is nice to have a guide to help you go deeper into the process.

Because it’s always good to find help. And I know my almost two decades of experience working with the concept might just give you the one thing you’ve been missing to create the kind of year you’ve always imagined.  It’s like having a trusted friend by your side as you explore the challenges and joys of creating a life that feels loving and sustainable.

My Word of the Year Guide for 2023 is now retired. Instead, You can download A Guiding Light for 2024: Discover Your Word of the Year for free.

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