Botox belongs to popular cosmetic treatments mainly used for skin rejuvenation and aging signs prevention. However, this product is so much more than just skin rejuvenation! For example, did you know you can use botulinum toxin type A for non-surgical nose jobs? Even though it’s not widely discussed, there is such an option, so let’s learn more about this exciting topic!

Botox as a surgical rhinoplasty alternative – fiction or fact? All the answers can be found in this article.

Botox Injections Benefits for Non-Surgical Nose Job

Botox is a product meant for professional use only to provide good, natural-looking results. Specialists must use injectables of the best quality to provide a safe experience to a person, so it’s better to buy Botox vials with license from a Filler cloud – reliable, trustworthy supplier experienced in this sphere. Afterward, they can start the injection process and perform the nose treatments listed below.

#1. Lift the Nasal Tip

A board-certified plastic surgeon may perform a procedure to softly elevate the nose tip, giving the illusion of a narrowed nose appearance without changing the bone structure. The treatment is fast and doesn’t take a long time, and one session is typically enough to see prominent results and achieve the desired effect.

#2. Reduce Nasal Flare

Botox injections may be used in the doctor’s office to stop muscle contractions when smiling, breathing, or laughing. By relaxing specific muscles, people may prevent nose flaring and reduce wide nostrils, which gives the nose a narrower appearance. This is a perfect non-invasive procedure for individuals who are self-conscious about their looks and the broader appearance of the nose wings.

#3. Treat Rhinitis

Rhinitis is a health condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the sinuses, which causes constant stiffness, runny nose, and other unpleasant issues that make everyday life much more complicated. By administering Botox into the nasal mucosa – a special tissue that lines the nasal cavity – specialists can stop the secretion of nasal fluids for some time. If all the traditional options, like medications and a particular therapy, didn’t work, it means it’s time to consider botulinum type A to finally breathe freely again.

#4. Improved Skin Tone

Botox is a perfect solution to prevent wrinkles and get rid of already present minor aging signs that affect your appearance. Of course, it works better if combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, but using it solo is also quite effective, so consider this option if you strive towards rejuvenated looks without the need to go through the surgeries, which are not only time-consuming but also irreversible and quite expensive. After just one procedure with Botox, people will notice an improvement in their skin tone and texture, lines, and wrinkles reduction, and a slower occurrence of the new aging signs. Besides, some individuals reported fewer headaches and migraines since they started using botulinum toxins on a regular basis.

#5. Smooth Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are tiny wrinkles on top of the nose or the sides of the nose bridge. This is a typical problem for individuals who have active facial expressions and wrinkle their noses often. Frowning, squinting, and laughing can cause this issue as well, and Botox can soften one’s appearance and help people forget about this issue for a long time. Once again, combining this treatment with other cosmetic injectables demonstrates better results, so discussing all the options with a doctor is vital to plan a proper session and apply Botox correctly to the target areas.

Nose Job Botox Alternatives

Of course, there are more options for dealing with a wide nose, and you may consider them if Botox treatment doesn’t sound right to you. Besides, it’s also possible to combine a few of them to ensure a complex solution and long-lasting effect. Here are a few things you can decide on:

    • Dermal fillers. This non-surgical option is perfect if you need to add volume to the target area and correct the shape if it’s needed. It also deals with minor depressions and bumps. The procedure suits well for individuals with minor asymmetry, discoloration, and other insignificant problems;
    • Non-surgical thread lifting. A perfect variant for patients who would like to lift up their drooping nose tip;
    • Surgical rhinoplasty. The best thing about invasive procedures is that the results are permanent, so the procedure shouldn’t be repeated afterward. Still, there are risks that a person won’t like the final results, so it’s always better to stick to the injectables, which will wear off or can be dissolved with the help of a special product.

Consider all the options and choose your winner. That’s the safest way to pick an effective procedure according to your liking and needs.

Possible Adverse Reactions

The best thing about Botox for a nose non-surgical procedure is the fact that it requires minimal downtime after the injection session. Of course, as the process involves needles, there are some adverse reactions people should be aware of. Still, it’s much better than a typical operation for nose reshaping. What side effects are we talking about?

    • Redness, swelling, and other topical irritation signs;
    • Bruising in the administration spots;
    • Slight discomfort that disappears once the area is fully healed.

Most patients experience side effects relief a few hours to a day after the initial Botox administration. However, if any complications or warning symptoms are noticed, a specialist must be informed as quickly as possible to ensure nothing threatens patients’ well-being.

The Bottom Line

Non-surgical rhinoplasty performed with Botox is an effective procedure that is rarely discussed among aesthetic medicine enthusiasts. Still, it remains an excellent treatment option for individuals who would like to lift the nose tip, make the nasal flare less prominent, and make the area generally more youthful-looking. Typically, specialists recommend using Botox together with dermal fillers to achieve maximum results, but the formulation may vary based on one’s needs and desired outcomes. This is an excellent alternative to expensive and dangerous surgeries, which provide a more dramatic effect but are irreversible and require a long-lasting recovery, which is not always something people have time for. Hopefully, you found all the information you were curious about in this article. Thank you, and stay safe!

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