In the past, when you wanted to start your own business, you’d set up a brick and mortar place on main street. But that’s not the case these days, is it? Most new businesses these days begin online. And, since new customers can’t walk through your front door, you need to set up other contact points for customers to connect with you.

Beyond setting up a website,you need to ensure you have a variety of contact points for customers to connect with you. Rather than pop into your brick and mortar store to ask you about a product, they need a way to contact you by walking through your virtual door. Because you want it to be easy for you and your customers.

Here’s four different contact points you may want to ensure you have for your new business.

Even if You Have an Online Business a Mailing Address is a Critical Contact Point

Many of us forget the importance of having a physical mailing address for customers nowadays. With everything making its way online, it can be easy to neglect customers who don’t spend as much time on the web or who aren’t as tech savvy as others. A physical mailing address opens your business up to all potential consumers. More old fashioned individuals can send physical letters with inquiries or questions.

Also, if you have any kind of mailing list, FCC regulations require a mailing address.

Of course, you probably aren’t going to want to put your personal address down, as this will then be publically available on your website, your social media and in other areas. So, you may want to invest in a private mailbox for business or consumers. This will give you a tangible address that people can contact you through!

A Business Phone Number is Another Important Contact Point

Another more old-fashioned, but completely essential, means of contact you should be providing is a phone number. Make sure this isn’t your personal number. Take out a contract and number for your business specifically. This will help to maintain your privacy. Then add the number to your website. Customers can get in touch and ask all they need without any delay at all.

A Separate Email Address for Your Business Helps Compartmentalize Your Work from Your Personal Life

A really common way for people to want to contact you is through an email address. And it’s tempting to use one email address for everything. However, one of the biggest challenges to beginning a new business is setting boundaries between your work and home worlds. Yes, even if you work from home, having separate contact points for your work life and personal life allows you to compartmentalize.

Make sure you have a business email address with a branded name set up. You can add this email address to the contact page of your website. This is the most straightforward means of providing contact to your customers.

A Presence on Social Media is Important Contact Point for Any Modern Entrepreneur

Nowadays, many customers want a quick answer to a question they can pose really easily. Social media holds all the answers to this. Having a Facebook account, Twitter account and Instagram account for your business gives your potential customers three new means of contact. They can message quickly and easily from their personal accounts and you can get back in touch pretty quickly and easily too. It’s a win-win situation.

There are, of course, alternative means of contact you may want to provide your customers with this, but those listed above should tick most people’s boxes. Providing each will ensure almost anyone can reach out to you! So, don’t hesitate to put them all in place. The more easily customers can get in touch, the better customer service you can provide and the more profit you can generate as a result as time goes by!

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