How often have you felt like you were completely out of control? As in life is happening to you, but it isn’t in your hands. It’s just happening. You go to work, you see the same strangers on the commute. You come home and make dinner and you go to bed. Over and over it goes and you’re stuck in the same lifeless cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat. All you are longing for is to take control of your life.

Eventually, you get so stale and numb that you don’t know if you’re coming or going anymore. Here’s the thing: you may feel out of control of your life right now, but you’re not. You have the power to take that control back and change things if you’re not happy with them. So, you don’t like your job? Look for a new one. You don’t want to wear the same dull clothes? Go shopping. It’s all in the motivation and only you can push yourself to get there faster. Let’s take a look at five plans that you could make to take control of your life again and make it a wonderful place to be.

One – If You Want to Take Control of Your Life – Be Firm About Time For Yourself

No matter what you do in the week, get time booked in for you. Whatever you choose to do, it doesn’t matter; all you need is to have time that’s yours to do something that makes you happy. If you love to read, carve out the time to do it. If you love to write, create an area filled with light so that you can work and get your words out properly. People may choose to pile the work on your shoulders, but you need to be firm and set boundaries. Once you do that, you make sure that you get the time to relax that you deserve.

Two – Realize That Life Doesn’t Just “Happen” – You Are Always in Choice

The choices that you make in your day to day living have a ripple effect. Don’t ask yourself “Why is this happening to me?” ask yourself “what did I do for this to happen?”. When you ask yourself those tough questions, you open up a new line of conversation that allows you to take responsibility for your own actions. No more negative thoughts. No more worries. Just opening yourself up to opportunities is enough to stop thinking life is happening, and make you realize that life is yours to control.

Three – Go Your Own Way if You are Ready to Take Control of Your Life

What are you doing in your life right now that needs a change? Do it. It doesn’t matter how impossible it feels, it’s time to cut the apron strings and go your own way. Book Bekins Moving Solutions for a real fresh start. Pick up your life and take it somewhere the view is different. Go from the mountains to the ocean, the city to the country. No matter where you are right now, go somewhere new and don’t listen to anyone telling you not to do it!

Four – You Must Choose to Keep Your Power

You have the chance to take responsibility for your own actions in every step of your life. Keeping hold of your power keeps you feeling alive. You can finally keep control of your life because you don’t hand your power over to anyone else.

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