The world today is busier than ever. With your career, family, friends, and an ever-changing social media barrage, how can you possibly spare a moment for yourself? The answer is that you can give yourself the gift of time. Continue reading for some great ideas on how to incorporate more time into your life today.

One – Outsource Your Cleaning

Do you enjoy cleaning? Do you have the time to perform a thorough cleaning? Or is it constant drudgery on your part? If the practice of cleaning does not bring you an ounce of enjoyment, but the finished product makes you happy, then it is more than time to hire someone to help you.

Find the best services to fit your unique needs at You can select a basic or deep clean depending on the current state of your home and then change it as needed. If keeping your home clean is a struggle, and you spend all of your free time on the weekends scrubbing, you need help. You should come home to a clean space where you can entertain your friends or spend time with your family without the stress of running all over the place to clean beforehand.

Two – Hire a Dog Walker

Of course, you love your furry friend, but if you do not have enough time to walk them, you know that their pent-up energy can lead them to destroy your favorite pair of shoes, the sofa leg, and multiple pillows. You can stave off any impending doom or destruction by ensuring they have a way to exercise as needed.

Your best solution is to hire a dog walker. This person will do more than walk your dog. They will check in on your pooch, ensure they are properly fed and have adequate water, give some extra tummy rubs, and be a presence in your otherwise empty house at predetermined times throughout the day. They can play some rousing rounds of fetch in your backyard or at the local park in addition to a long energy-expending walk. This way, you get to come home to an intact residence and an eager dog that you can cuddle with instead of having to go outside when you just want to kick back and relax.

Three – Workout at Home

If you exercise, you may end up wasting your precious time shuttling to and from the gym or studio. Try to minimize those pain points and give that time back to yourself by working out in the comfort of your home.

There are a wide variety of exercise options to choose from that range from Pilates or yoga to a fully-appointed home gym and workout videos. You can pick and choose your favorites or keep your options open and on rotation to stave off boredom. As a bonus, you can save money on gym fees.

Watch this video for a fully guided, time-saving at-home Pilates session.

Four – Embrace Meal Prep

One of the biggest ways you can free up time is by planning your meals. That involves a few steps to get it done efficiently and effectively.

    • Decide what you will eat for all of your meals throughout the week. This will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks and beverages.
    • Find recipes that are within your skill set or are ones that you are interested in making regardless of ability.
    • Order your groceries online to save even more time. Either have them delivered at a convenient time or schedule a pick-up when you will be nearby.
    • Spend time on the weekend chopping, preparing, and pre-packing the food for the week.

Of note, you have another option that is similar to weekend meal preparation, and that is meal delivery. There is an abundance of meal delivery kits available on the market today. They range in price, and some come with all of the ingredients prepped and ready to cook, while others require you to purchase some of the ingredients or at least prepare them. If this option is of interest to you, do your research to determine which one will best preserve your valuable time.

Now that you have some proactive solutions on how to save time on some of the everyday things in life, all you need to do now is figure out what you are going to do with all of those free moments. A new hobby or a night out, perhaps? Maybe some well-deserved rest? Whatever you choose, be happy knowing you have prioritized your well-being.

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