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Lessons Learned: Celebrating My 48th Birthday

48th Birthday Lessons Learned

It is the year 2016 and I am turning forty-eight. Every year at this time, I catalog the lessons I’ve learned in the previous year. I do this, not just to have the record of what lessons I learned, but also to serve as a reminder of what I am choosing: the continual evolution and growth into who […]

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Dealing with The Voices in Your Head

Fredric Varady for Canon Nylons

There’s a little voice inside your head – it’s unique to you, yet each one of us has one. Oh, let’s be honest, we all have more than one little voice inside us. Most of us have five. There are the voices of Wisdom and Intuition. That inner knowing that edges us to make decisions […]

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Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum Love

I believe that each of us is born into this world knowing who we are. In some ways, our souls know what we long to experience in the world. We each have a little drum beating in our souls, meant to guide us towards the most nourishing path for our lives. Listening to that inner […]

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Summer Loving


When I was a little girl, I was one of those kids that loved school. I loved new notebooks and fresh crayons. I planned my first day of school outfit ahead of time. As the year progressed, I craved learning new things and happily went all year, without complaints. I may not have loved every […]

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‘Cause Life Isn’t Certain: 9 Traits to Cultivate

Gypsy by Gene Pressler

We make decisions each and every day. We choose what to put in our cup in the morning (tea or coffee? Lemon? Sugar? Cream? Caffeinated? Decaf? Herbal?) and what shoes to put on our feet before we walk out the door. We make bigger decisions, too. Like where to invest for retirement, what car to […]

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Ditching Drama as a Lifestyle Choice

"The Angry Woman" for McCall

Do you know those people? The folks who seem like something is always happening to them? Flat tires, broken hearts, ecstatic love affairs (that then crash and burn into tragic moments)? It’s an endless parade of always being busy, always running out the door, always having things be better (or worse) than they are for […]

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Create a Life You Love by Trusting Your Gut

The Lady Was Insulted by Mike Ludlow

I’ll confess this up front:  I am a logical creature. In fact, I realized that the need for order and reason was a core part of who I am when I was in the 2nd grade devouring every Nancy Drew Logic Puzzle Book they made. Let me tell you, baby, to this day, I work […]

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No Need to “Foil” Easter

No Need to "Foil" Easter

Who can resist the joys of an Easter (or Passover) meal?  For those adhering to the strictness of Lent, it’s the feast to celebrate the culmination of the season.  It’s also the first opportunity for many families, scattered hither and thither to gather together since Christmas .   It’s a gathering sharing not only food, but […]

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When You’re Feeling Burned Out: Play

when youre feeling burned out play

I have a confession: I’m feeling burned out these days. Please don’t get me wrong or think I’m complaining. It’s just a big dash of vulnerability and honesty. See, I adore my clients from the depths of my toes to the top of my head.  My time with them feels like play.  I’ve always been […]

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Make Peace Not War

Make Peace Not War

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever February is a time of love. For the romantics, Valentine’s Day is a time of flowers and romance, while for the cynics, it is a red and pink Hallmark holiday.  Men and women alike share feelings of shame and failure if they are not in picture perfect relationships come February […]

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