Though it may be a little politically incorrect, I believe that all women have an Inner Sex Kitten inside of them. You may pooh-pooh this idea as silly, crazy or sexist. But let me tell you something, darling: my personal experiences as well as well as the results my clients have seen has convinced me that I’m on to something.

I believe that each of us is born into this world as shiny, amazing humans just ready to shine their light into the world. That core of who each of us is born to be? That’s what I call your Inner Sex Kitten. It isn’t about wearing sexy clothes, five inch stilettos or red lipstick. It isn’t about being a size six or living a picture-perfect life.

Unleashing your Inner Sex Kitten is about that inner confidence of knowing who you are and what you desire to create. It’s also about having deep faith in yourself as you courageously dive into living life on your terms.

Here are eight surprising traits about Sex Kittens.

One – Sex Kittens Are Grateful.

While Brene Brown was researching for her book The Gifts of Imperfection, she discovered that it wasn’t that happy people were grateful; she found that grateful people experienced more joy. A Sex Kitten knows that focusing on gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal is a fabulous way to see the upside of life.

Two – Sex Kittens Are Kind.

A Sex Kitten knows that she has to care for herself: body, mind and soul. She knows that when she cares for herself, she’s better able to care for those she loves. Love and kindness begat more love and kindness. Because she loves herself, she is able to be kind to everyone she crosses paths with – even that irate lady behind her in Starbucks. Kindness is contagious.

Three – Sex Kittens Allow Themselves To Feel.

It’s impossible to experience the full breadth of what life has to offer if you spend your time numbing your feelings instead of feeling. A Sex Kitten knows that if she numbs the icky feelings like anger or sadness, she’ll be numbing all the wonderful feelings life has to offer, like passion, peace and joy. She also knows she gets to choose how she desires to feel.

Four – Sex Kittens Are Willing To Be Vulnerable.

In order to be loved and accepted for who we are, we must allow those who have earned the right to hear our stories also witness our vulnerability. A Sex Kitten knows that to be loved and accepted, she has to be herself. She knows that in order to feel as if she really belongs to a group, she can’t hide behind masks or get lost in perfection.

Five – Sex Kittens Are Clear.

In order to figure out who you really are and what you want in this world, you have to gain clarity in all areas of your life. A Sex Kitten knows that if she surrounds herself with physical clutter, she’ll be distracted from her goals. She also knows that other kinds of clutter – mental clutter and calendar clutter – only serve as obstacles to what she wants to create and who she wants to be. She also knows that drama is how the waters of life become muddy.

Six – Sex Kittens Ask For Help.

It’s a sign of inner strength to know when you can do things on your own and when you need help. A Sex Kitten knows she doesn’t need to be rescued. She knows she doesn’t need to be fixed. She does, however, live in a state of awareness and knows that sometimes she needs a little help to reach a goal or create change.

Seven – Sex Kittens Are Unapologetic.

If you live your life based on what others expect of you, then it’s impossible to find real happiness. A Sex Kitten lives life on her terms, even if it makes others in her life judge her. She learns that she doesn’t have to apologize for choosing herself first nor does she need to apologize if the way she lives her life makes others uncomfortable.

Eight – Sex Kittens Love To Celebrate.

If you don’t recognize and celebrate your own accomplishments, then you’re being way too hard on yourself. A Sex Kitten knows that it’s important to acknowledge all the things she accomplishes in the average day. She also knows that other women are not her competition, so she celebrates their accomplishments and cheers them on!

Do you understand why I believe that every woman has an Inner Sex Kitten just raring to burst out into the world?

Being a Sex Kitten isn’t about living a perfect life in hopes that others see you as being worthy of love and attention. It’s about knowing that you are worthy of love and belonging. It’s about creating a daily life that feels nourishing and supportive no matter what others might think.

Confidence and a passion for life will always be sexy. Unleashing your inner sex kitten is about knowing that you are worthy of love and belonging.

Finding my inner sex kitten was how I learned to love my life.
And finally just be happy.

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