When the new year arrives it feels like a great opportunity for a fresh start, but it may already seem like you’re not sticking to your resolutions. There are ways you can motivate yourself to get back into a healthy and happy mindset, however. It’s important to set attainable goals for personal growth and develop a more positive attitude. Learn from failed attempts and past mistakes. Congratulate yourself on your successes big or small. Here are five ways to really achieve personal growth this year.

One – Get In The Growth Mindset

In order to maintain that new year’s focus, you need to believe you’re capable of improving. You have to get into the growth mindset and accept that it won’t come without challenges. It’s overcoming these challenges that makes you stronger and more motivated. When you’re setting goals for yourself, try to anticipate any possible setbacks and how you’re going to get around them. This way you’ll be prepared for anything and develop more confidence along the way.

Two – Never Stop Learning

Part of personal growth is always learning something new. This doesn’t necessarily need to be formal education, but you could learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or even get to know yourself a little better. If you are interested in studying there are plenty of great programs online, such as this NASCLA exam prep course and other options for professional development. It’s never too late for a career change if you want to try your hand at something new.

Three – Set SMART Goals

Reevaluate your new year’s resolutions and turn them into SMART goals. The SMART acronym was originally coined to help businesses plan realistic goals and it stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relatable, and time-bound. Consider adjusting your goals to something more quantifiable that can be measured, and set yourself a timeframe with milestones on the way. Your goals also need to be relevant so remind yourself of what you’re trying to achieve, otherwise more important tasks might take priority.

Four – Embrace Failure

It’s essential to embrace failure because each attempt you make that doesn’t work out is an opportunity to learn. Failure is an important part of success and gives you the chance to use your imagination and creativity to find a new solution. Look to the past and try to figure out what went wrong. If you weren’t able to stick to the same new year’s resolutions last year consider lowering your expectations. Reassess the time and resources you have available.

Five- Practice Mindful Gratitude

When it comes to self-improvement, mindfulness and gratitude go hand in hand. In order to develop a state of awareness, you need to remember what you’re thankful for. This includes celebrating your achievements and rewarding yourself. If you really want to achieve personal growth this year it’s vital to focus on the positive things in your life, even in these challenging times. Practicing gratitude is a way to reflect on the important things and people around you you might otherwise take for granted.

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