One of the number one resources any business has is their people. That’s important to remember. Because whether you’re looking to shift your career in some way by seeking a new job or career path. Or if the shoe is on the other foot and you need to hire someone for your own business. The personalities and traits of your people can ensure your success. Or cause things to break down.

That’s why the world’s top entrepreneurs are so careful about the people they choose to work for them. They know that one wrong decision could lead to the failure of their company.

But how is that best determined? No one would quibble that skills matter. But to ensure a good fit, you want to look beyond a person’s skill by looking at who they are.

Here’s six character traits employers should look for – and if you’re the job seeker, traits you should cultivate.

One – Outward Focus

Inwardly-focused people are all about themselves and what they can achieve in the company. Outward-focused individuals, on the other hands, focus on what they can give to everyone else. And it’s the latter type of person companies’ desire.

Having the character trait of being outwardly focused means a person is much more likely to be team players. And make decisions for the benefit of all, not just themselves.

Two – Adaptability

If there’s one thing I know it’s that things change. And while a solid job description is a necessary part of learning how to do a job well, it’s a given that jobs can shift and mutate over time.

The best employees are those that know when to stay in their lane. And when to relish the challenge of adapting to a changing world.

Three – Relaxed Confidence

Whether you’re using accounting recruitment for a financial position or looking for somebody to fill a CIO role, relaxed confidence is critical. That’s because while confidence is key, it’s impossible to work with someone who is egotistical or cocky.

Having a quiet, relaxed confidence is a brilliant character trait to cultivate. And look for in employees and co-workers.

Four – Willingness to Listen

Being able to listen to other people is the first step along the path to creating value. If you can’t interpret the needs of others, you can’t do the things they want you to do.

Keen observers of other people are great people to have on the team. They have a knack for knowing what to say and when to say it. And they’re often able to delegate tasks efficiently because they know who’s most suited to what.

A willingness to listen is one of those traits that also shows a degree of humility. If you can listen to somebody and genuinely take on board what they say, then you can develop as a person. If you can’t do that, you’ll stagnate.

Five – Self-Reliance

Employers also love candidates who display a degree of self-reliance. These people don’t require a lot of handholding. Instead, they just get on with tasks, completing them to a high standard where possible.

Usually, they can figure things out by themselves. If something doesn’t quite make sense, they don’t immediately go running to the nearest manager. They just get on with it themselves and try to solve the problem under their own steam.

Six- Dependability

Last, but not least, employees need to be dependable. That means that not only do you show up on time to work, but you know how to stick to a job until it’s completed the right way. Without having the trait of dependability, a person is of no value to an employee. Or even themselves.

Character matters when it comes to employee-employer relationships. And curating these six character traits can go a long way to advancing your career. And ensuring that the people you work with are top-notch folks.

Pondering how to curate the character traits you desire?

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