Making a good livelihood in the IT business is a dream that is well within reach, provided you have the necessary talent. Globally, about 62% of workers aged 22 to 65 working remotely. As remote working becomes popular, there’s a corresponding surge in remote tech positions. Remote workers with expertise in technology are in high demand, with employers providing great employee benefits and incentives on par with in-house staff.

Here are six rewarding remote jobs in the tech industry that you can venture into and begin your dream career.

One – Web Developer

Websites are essential to almost every business, as it helps lend credibility to your brand. Web developers usually develop and maintain these websites. They also handle the site’s technical components, such as capacity and performance, which measure a website’s capacity to load quickly and handle the traffic. Web developers may also contribute content to the site.

If you have experience in this field, this is the ideal remote job for you.

Two – Data Scientist

Data scientists use technology and social science expertise to identify and analyze patterns and manage information. With their industry expertise and contextual insight, they solve business problems. A bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in computer science, mathematics, or statistics will help you thrive in this role. As a data scientist, you must have technical programming, statistical analysis, and computing capabilities.

Three – UX/UI Developer

Are you into graphic design and have expertise in online apps and websites? Then it would help if you considered being A UI & UX developer. UI/UX developers implement interactive and graphic design concepts on websites and online apps to provide a pleasant and consistent user experience. They employ HTML, CSS, and other design technologies to create responsive designs.

Most UX/UI developers have a background in graphics and art design, web design, or human-computer interaction.

Four – SaaS Marketing

SaaS sales and marketing involves selling web-based software to customers. Salespeople concentrate on recruiting new customers and upselling or maintaining existing clients. Because SaaS salespeople often sell at a higher price, excellent service and attention to detail are critical to closing the deal. The average hourly rate for SaaS sales jobs around $39.33 per hour.

Five – Cloud Architect

Cloud architects collaborate with businesses to plan, build, and deploy cloud computing systems. They advise on best practices for adopting cloud services and protecting data security. This role will be a great fit if you have a degree or certification in cyber security or cloud computing.

Six – Quality Assurance Manager

Quality assurance is crucial to the success of any business. As a quality assurance manager, you’ll collaborate with enterprises to develop and execute quality and effective assurance programs. It also involves ensuring that items fulfill quality requirements and client expectations. Most QA managers have worked in quality assurance, project management, and related sectors, as well as with software development tools and methods.

Pursuing a new career in IT can be the answer you’re looking for in  your career. Especially if you want work that’s challenging, interesting, and fits our modern times.

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