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Inner Strength: Eleven Ways to Find and Grow It

Inner Strength Find and Grow It

It’s been more than a decade since I went through my divorce and during that time I’ve forgotten how tough life felt. It all came flooding back to me when I started coaching a woman who was smack-dab in the middle of a divorce. The stress, the worry, the feelings of failure, and the edges […]

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Story Sharing in the Age of #MeToo

Are you Sharing Your Story with the Right folks Robert Meyers for the Saturday Evening Post 1955

I had lunch with a girlfriend (and fellow coach) this week and we talked about EVERYTHING, as you do when you’re sitting across the table from someone you completely trust. We talk about each aspect of our story: love, life, parenting, food, relationships, and more. I’m sure you’ve had one of those conversations that run […]

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Challenging Season: How to Ensure You Survive It

Surviving a Challenging Season

So, you’re having a bad day. Or maybe a crappy week. Or maybe experiencing a series of days upon days of a funky blue feeling you just can’t shake. And you’re tired of it, so tired of your heart hurting and general malaise. So tired of that sense of ennui and melancholy hanging around you. […]

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Lessons Learned: Celebrating My 48th Birthday

Lessons Learned are Like Roses from My Year (Art by by Art Fraham)

It is the year 2016 and I am turning forty-eight. Every year at this time, I catalog the lessons I’ve learned in the previous year. I do this, not just to have the record of what lessons I learned, but also to serve as a reminder of what I am choosing: the continual evolution and growth into who […]

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Begin With These 9 Steps to Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself - Begin Fresh

Most of us go into a New Year with visions of a happily ever after, yet as the days progress, especially during the dark days of January, that happy ending can feel impossible. In fact, you may feel as if you will never BE happy and never reach any of your goals. I’m going to […]

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Make the Choice to Own Your Story

Emmanuel Garant

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” –Brené Brown One of strongest truths I’ve learned is that in this journey of life, there is no there. We think that when we set a goal or hire a coach, that life […]

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Find Your Moments of Perfection with Love


I had three perfect moments before 8 AM on an ordinary Tuesday morning. Though they lasted mere seconds, my heart was awash with gratitude and my soul was bathed in love. One happened during that twilight between dreaming and waking as a crisp breeze floated through the window. The second occurred as we were making […]

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Create Your Recipe for an Enchanted Life

Girl InThe Window for Collier Magazine (1952) by Jon Whitcomb

On the day that I am writing this, it is JB’s birthday and I am in the process of making him a birthday cake.  I chose an Ina Garten chocolate cake from Bon Appetit to try this year. As I was beating the butter for the frosting, impatiently willing it to become mooth and creamy, […]

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Decide to Make Your Dreams Your Reality


When I confess that I love my daily life, inevitably I hear from someone deep in the muck that retort with a sarcastic “must be nice.”  That it’s easy for me to say the path to happiness is becoming smitten with yourself because my life is easy. That I can write about being enchanted with […]

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Be Enchanted With Your Life


I’m going to tell you a little secret about me, so listen close. Because, though it’s about me personally, I never share anything that wouldn’t help you to create a life you love. I love the rhythm of my everyday life.  From waking up, to packing JB’s lunch, to my first cup of coffee. From […]

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