Every year, many people will center their goals around enhancing their well-being for the new year. Although this can be beneficial for your health and happiness,  if you put too much pressure on yourself and this goal, it can also be negatively impactful. To ensure your new year’s goal doesn’t take over your life, keep reading for some helpful tips on how to set them!

(Note: If you’re unsure what well-being theme to strive after in 2020, choose a word of the year to inspire you!)

Think About What You Really Want

It can be difficult to narrow down your list as you set your intentions for the year. You’ll need to differentiate between which goals are superficial and which ones are what you truly want. When determining which goals you’d like to set, start by thinking of the things you’d regret not doing for yourself. Whether it’s traveling, prioritizing your health, exercising more, or trying a new hobby; choose goals that mean the most to you. Once you decide on your yearly goals, you can begin working out the logistics.

Example: Write a list down of all of the things you’d ideally like in your life. From there, narrow it down to what’s attainable and what you really want. Let’s say you choose to become more organized as your 2020 goal to help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed. This will allow you to center your plan for this goal, such as getting a planner or an organization app.

Do Research on Your Goals

If the goal you choose for 2020 is something you’re not very familiar with, it’s important to conduct research so you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into. This will help ensure the goal is not only reachable, but also something you actually want. Search online, read an informative book, or ask someone who’s done it before for some additional insight.

Example: You want to learn how to play a new instrument. You then think to yourself: How much does it cost? Would you need lessons or could you teach yourself? Do you have any experience with other instruments? These are all important to keep in mind to assert that this is a goal you’d enjoy and want to stick to before exerting time, money, and energy into it.

Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations

Although we’d all love to be the smartest, funniest, most attractive individual, setting goals is about much more than superficial logic. Using the new year as a means to make an entirely “new you” is unrealistic for many reasons. On January 1st, we don’t all suddenly become new people. However, we can make this a time to refresh our habits and work on continuously bettering ourselves.

Example: In 2020, you want to be a better you in all aspects. You want your hair to be fuller, your skin to be clearer, your personality to be more charming, and your body to be fit. Then you try to improve all of these aspects of your life at once to fit the “new year, new me” mentality. Quickly you become overwhelmed and discouraged because being perfect isn’t really attainable.

 Identify Roadblocks

Roadblocks can be comprised of many different factors. One of the most common roadblocks is the fear of failure. When you’re scared of the idea that you may not be able to accomplish this goal, you’re discouraging yourself from staying motivated to do so. Another roadblock is a lack of determination or enthusiasm to complete the goal. Success brings challenges, but overcoming them is what will keep you going.

Example: This year, you want to stick to an exercise routine. You go to the gym but you’re scared of other people seeing you do something incorrectly. This keeps you from wanting to go to the gym, and eventually, you stop going altogether. If you let go of the fear of other people seeing you workout, you’ll be able to stick to your goal.

Don’t Focus on the Reward

We’ve all been there where we start visualizing what our lives will be like once we reach our goal. We picture how our bodies will look after our new workout plan, how we’ll feel once we change our diet, and how our skin will look after we’ve bought new products. And while you may be able to picture the end result, you must remember that success takes time and is rarely easy. The way you look and feel may change throughout the process of working towards your goal, and focusing on the reward just emphasizes what you currently lack. It’s crucial to accept yourself throughout the process and focus on the now.

Example: Your goal this year is to refresh your skin-care routine because you feel you’ve been neglecting your skin’s health. This is an example of something that takes a long time for you to notice results. Whether it’s a new eye serum that promises to brighten your under-eyes or an acne cream that’s meant to clear up your skin; they all will require time and patience. With that in mind, don’t get discouraged if your appearance isn’t where you expect it to be immediately.

Make Habits Into a Lifestyle

Every year, during the month of January, people are all set and ready to accomplish their new goals. However, many people fall short of their goals come February because they’re often only looking at the short-term. Healthy habits are typically easy to implement, but maintaining them is a different story. If you can work on making healthy habits into a lifestyle, you’ll be more likely to stick to them long-term.

Example: Eating healthy is something you’d really like to make a habit of this year. You start a new diet that you read about online that promises to help you shed pounds fast. However, it’s difficult to stick to because it restricts you too much. If you make eating healthy a lifestyle by implementing nutritious foods daily and ditch a “diet,” eating healthier will come more naturally.

Important Note: Messing Up is Okay!

Falling behind on your goal or having an off-day isn’t the end of the world. Nobody is perfect and sometimes you’ll need a break for your own sanity. Messing up on your goals from time-to-time is perfectly okay! So, forgive yourself and don’t beat yourself up over it. Focus on how you’ll work moving forward and reset once you’re ready.

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